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Report No. 357 - Estimation of patient skin dose in fluoroscopy: summary of a joint report by AAPM TG357 and EFOMP (2021)

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The endeavor of skin dose estimation is greatly aided by the continuing efforts of the scientific medical physics community, the numerous technology enhancements, the dose-controlling features provided by the FGI device manufacturers, and the emergence and greater availability of the DICOM RDSR. Refined and new dosimetry systems continue to evolve and form the infrastructure for further improvements in accuracy. Dose-related content and information systems capable of handling big data are emerging for patient dose monitoring and quality assurance tools for large-scale multihospital enterprises.

Medical Physics

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Keywords: fluoroscopically guided interventions, peak skin dose, x-ray fluoroscopy
Task Group No. 357 - Estimating Patient Skin Dose with Fluoroscopic Procedures

Jonas S Andersson, Daniel R. Bednarek, Wesley E. Bolch, Thomas Boltz, Hilde TC Bosmans, Amber Gislason-Lee, Christoffer Granberg, Max Hellstrom, Kalpana M. Kanal, Ed McDonagh, Robert G. Paden, William Pavlicek, Yasaman Khodadadegan, Alberto Torresin, Annalisa Trianni, David A Zamora

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