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AAPM Reports - Basic Quality Control in Diagnostic Radiology
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Report No. 004 - Basic Quality Control in Diagnostic Radiology (1977)

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This document, “Basic Quality Control in Diagnostic Radiology”, is the fourth in a series of AAPM reports. This document is designed to enable technologists working with the guidance and supervision of a medical physicist to set up a viable quality assurance program in diagnostic radiology with minimal expense. The AAPM, through its Diagnostic Radiology Committee, plans to issue additional documents detailing physicist/engineer level test methods which utilize more sophisticated equipment. These additional tests will be suitable for installation and acceptance testing and for determining compliance with requirements of the Bureau of Radiological Health and state and local radiation control agencies. The American Association of Physicists in Medicine is organized, as one of its declared purposes, to prepare and to disseminate technical information in medical physics and related fields. In fulfillment of this purpose, the AAPM through a structure of Task Forces, Committees, and Councils prepares recommendations, policy and state-of-the art reviews in the form of reports. These reports cover topics which may be scientific, educational or professional in nature, and final approval of them is given by that Council of the Association charged with responsibility for the particular concerns of the report. The Publications Committee of the AAPM hopes that this report will effectively continue the record of published work previously reported by other scientific committees and so ably inaugurated by the previous Publications Committee.

ISBN: 978-0-883182-51-2

Keywords: Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Quality Control
Diagnostic Radiology Committee Task Force on Quality Assurance Protocol

M. Siedband, S. Baiter, L. Brateman, W. Britt, G. Deutsch, R. Dobrin, R. Duerkes, T. Fields, D. Lawrence, P. Lin, T. Morgan, W. Properzio, R. Rossi, L. Rothenberg, C. Scheid, D. Starchman, J. Vucich, R. Waggener, N. Winkler

Committee Responsible: Radiography and Fluoroscopy Subcommittee

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