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Report No. 005 - AAPM Survey of Medical Physics Training Programs (1980)

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This document "AAPM Survey of Medical Physics Training Programs" is the fifth in a series of AAPM Reports. This document is designed to facilitate the entry of students into educational programs in the field of Medical Physics. This particular report was proposed by a Subcommittee of the Committee on Training of Medical Physicists and has been endorsed by the Council on Education of the AAPM. Issuance of such reports is one of the means that the AAPM employs to carry out its responsibility to prepare and disseminate technical information in medical physics and related fields. In fulfillment of this purpose, the AAPM through a structure of task forces, committees, and councils prepares recommendations, policy and reviews in the form of reports. These reports cover topics which may be scientific, educational, or professional in nature, and final approval is given by the Council of the Association charged with responsibility for the particular concerns of that report. The contents of symposia sponsored by the AAPM are also published as monographs.

Committee on the Training of Medical Physicists

C. Mistretta, B. Ahluwahlia, J. L. Beach, D.E. Cunningham, B. Hoop Jr., L. Lanzl, E.S. Sternick, D.E. Velkley, P. Stansbury, E.L. Chaney

Committee Responsible: Education Council

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