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Report No. 047 - AAPM Code of Practice for Radiotherapy Accelerators (1994)

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The present document has been developed as an update of the 1975 AAPM “Code of practice for x-ray therapy linear accelerators,“ 1 which was largely devoted to machines producing x-ray beams of 10 MV or less. It is intended to cover all medical electron accelerator equipment currently on the market, including photon as well as electron beam machines. The part 1 of this document is addressed to the radiation oncology administration which may include chief radiation oncologist, radiation oncology department administrator or a hospital/free-standing center administrator. In these guidelines, the AAPM recognizes the importance of team effort between administrators, radiation oncologists, physicists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists (formerly known as radiation therapy technologists), and engineers, required to establish an optimal radiation oncology program.

Medical Physics, 21, 1093-1121 (1994)
ISBN: 978-1-563964-02-2

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Radiation Therapy Task Group #45

Ravinder Nath, Peter J. Biggs, Frank J. Bova, C. Clifton Ling, James A. Purdy, Jan van de Geijn, Martin S. Weinhous

Committee Responsible: Professional Council

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