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AAPM Reports - Instrumentation Requirements of Diagnostic Radiological Physicists
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Report No. 060 - Instrumentation Requirements of Diagnostic Radiological Physicists (1998)

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The charge to TG#4 was to compile a list of equipment with recommended minimum specifications that can be used when purchasing test equipment for evaluation of radiographic and fluoroscopic x-ray units. This report is meant to be used by practicing medical physicists responsible for acceptance testing or quality control testing in diagnostic facilities. Some of the included equipment is meant to be used for quality control testing only, while others can be used for both quality control and acceptance testing. All results of any measurements should be interpreted by a qualified medical physicist, The decision as to what equipment is needed by a facility will have to be determined on a case by case basis by the medical physicist. Choice will depend on the type of testing to be performed, type of equipment to be evaluated, intended user, and monetary constraints of the facility. Some equipment is much more sensitive to handling errors and exhibits larger dependence on setup geometry and beam energy than others.

ISBN: 978-1-888340-15-0

Keywords: Instrumentation, Tools, Quality Control
Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Committee Task Group #4

Jane R Fisher, Pei-Jan Paul Lin, Priscilla Butler, Burton J Conway, Frank Ranallo, Raymond Rossi, Jeff Sheppard, Keith Strauss

Committee Responsible: Radiography and Fluoroscopy Subcommittee

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