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Report No. 061 - High dose-rate brachytherapy treatment delivery: Report of the AAPM Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group No. 59 (1998)

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The goals of this task group are to examine the current high dose-rate (HDR) treatment delivery practices and to prepare a document to assure safe delivery of HDR treatments. The document consists of detailed HDR procedures for design of an HDR brachytherapy program, staffing and training, treatment specific quality assurance, and emergency procedures. The document provides an extensive quality assurance (QA) check list. It reviews all aspects of HDR treatment delivery safety, including prescription, treatment plan, treatment delivery, and radiation safety.

Medical Physics, 25, 375-403 (1998)

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Keywords: HDR, Code of Practice, Remote Afterloader
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #59

H. Dale Kubo, Glenn P. Glasgow, Timothy D. Pethel, Bruce R. Thomadsen, Jeffrey F. Williamson

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