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Report No. 064 - A Guide to the Teaching of Clinical Radiological Physics to Residents in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology (1999)

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Many changes have occurred in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology since the publication of the first edition of this report in 1982. Numerous technological advances have occurred and computers play an increasingly significant role in clinical practice, as does digital data networking and post-processing. The sophistication of these developments demands that residents receive appropriate technological training. A qualified medical physicist, in addition to teaching the basics of radiological physics, can provide much of this training and thereby play a vital role in equipping physicians to practice radiological medicine into the 21st century. This updated report is designed to provide guidance to those concerned with providing quality clinical radiological physics instruction to radiology residents: medical (radiological) physicists, resident program directors, department chairs and faculty, and hospital administrators. To this end, this report discusses the rationale for offering a quality educational program in clinical radiological physics, necessary resources and instructor qualifications, appropriate course content and organization, suggested teaching techniques, and resource materials. Consultants:David S. Marsden

ISBN: 978-0-944838-09-9
Committee on the Training of Radiologists

Cynthia H. McCollough, J. Ed Barnes, Phillip C. Berry, Michael J. Dennis, Alain L. Fymat, Rosemary Gallagher, Bruce J. Gerbi, Maynard D. High, Eric E. Klein, Patrick N. McDermott, Jerome A. Meli, Marleen M. Moore, Adel A. Mustafa, Edward Nickoloff, Arthur P. Olson, Arthur Pinkerton, Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Almon S. Shiu, Theodore Villafana, Robert D. Zwicker, Samuel C. Hill, Jeff Kotzan, James Willis, David S. Marsden, John Glover, Joseph Arcarese, Gary Barnes, Ted Fields, Joel E. Gray, Lincoln Hubbard, Jonathan Law, Louis Levy, Edward Manny, David Marsden, James Vandergrift

Committee Responsible: Education Council

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