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MedPhys Slam, a competition similar to 3MT (three-minute thesis), encourages students, postdocs, and residents to build their science communication skills. MedPhys Slam presents a unique challenge: directing one’s scientific communications to non-specialists who may have no knowledge of physics or medical physics. Therefore, MedPhys Slam is distinct from the Young Investigator’s Symposium, and presentations require a different structure and style..

The rules of MedPhys Slam are simple but challenging: participants have three minutes to present their research using a maximum of three PowerPoint slides. Contestants are evaluated on their ability to convey their research and its significance to a lay audience.

Each AAPM Chapter holding a preliminary qualifying MedPhys Slam competition will send one individual to represent their chapter in the final competition at the 2021 AAPM Annual Meeting. If you are interested in participating in MedPhys Slam, please contact your local AAPM Chapter for more information.

Eligible individuals who are not affiliated with an AAPM chapter (i.e. COMP or other international applicants) or whose AAPM chapter is not holding a qualifying competition have the opportunity to submit their application and qualification video using the following form: forms.gle/CaaB3YB1vjSXcgqW6. The submission deadline is June 4, 2021.

Individuals who have questions about preliminary rounds of competition at AAPM Chapters or about the final round of competition at the 2021 AAPM Annual Meeting should direct their queries to MedPhys.Slam@gmail.com.

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