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Current Students/Trainees

AAPM has multiple student-oriented committees under Education and Science Councils:

Students and Trainees Subcommittee (STSC)

Who are we?

The STSC is a group of medical physics graduate students and trainees (residents and post-docs) dedicated to improving the education and professional development of our peers.

Our Mission

STSC encourages communication and collaboration among current and prospective medical physics students and trainees. As a group of young medical physicists, our goal is to disseminate information to and amplify the voice of current students and trainees beginning their careers in medical physics. We organize on-going initiatives as well as events at the annual AAPM meeting targeted to cultivating many aspects of a young medical physicist. We want to encourage student and trainee involvement in AAPM to ensure a successful future for our profession.

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Working Group To Promote Non-Clinical Career paths for Medical Physics

Who are we?

The Working Group to Promote Non-Clinical Career Paths for Medical Physicists (WGNCMP) are students, trainees, and professionals committed to identifying and promoting non-clinical careers that utilize an expertise of the field of medical physics.

Our Mission

The WGNCMP is devoted to providing up-to-date information regarding non-clinical career options along with the recommendation of focused education objectives to supplement traditional medical physics graduate programs. We fulfill this requirement by means of taking part in public presentations, producing informative documentations, and by developing multiple student-led efforts to promote awareness of non-clinical opportunities.

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Working Group on Student and Trainee Research (WGSTR)

Who are we?

The Working Group on Student and Trainee Research (WGSTR) is comprised of current students, residents, post-docs, early-career researchers/clinical physicists, and senior AAPM members dedicated to fostering and supporting research in our field.

Our Mission

To promote initiatives to assist in enhancing and broadening research among pre-doctoral students and postdocs. To connect students and trainees seeking research-related information related to medical physics. To work together with other appropriate AAPM committees diversifying research-oriented education and training to prepare scientists for successful careers in research. To initiate broad range of activities to start promoting research aspect of medical physics among undergraduate students.

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