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The SIRPRISE Challenge provided an opportunity to explore the possibility of standardizing imaging and reconstruction protocols for imaging patients that received Y-90 microspheres therapy. For the Challenge, participants were asked to image a phantom with Y-90 chloride using a set imaging protocol, then reconstruct the images as they see fit. These results were scored according to the discrepancy between ground truth doses to the 37mm sphere and 10mm sphere VOIs. Additionally, participants were asked to provide the unreconstructed projection images in order for the Organizers to reconstruct the images using fixed reconstruction parameters and algorithms. The ultimate answer to the Challenge will be presented at the AAPM 2022 Annual Meeting and reported on in the upcoming publication of the study.

Username Members Institutions(s) Averaged
Discrepancy (%)
Moumano Michael Oumano
Jamie Campopiano
Laura Buchanan
Michelle Schwer
Mark Rivard
Rhode Island Hosptial/Brown University 3.5%
maughan.nichole Nichole M. Maughan
Richard Laforest
Jose L. Garcia
Justin Mikell
Alireza Ehtesham
Jacqueline E. Zoberi
Washington University at St Louis 30.7%

Mi-Ae Park
Brooke Pipes

UT Southwestern 31.9%
ContraSpemSpero Petra Dibbets-Schneider
Arjon J. van Lange
Jan W.T. Heemskerk
Oleksandra V Ivashchenko
Leiden University 33.1%
StevieG Stephen A. Graves Iowa University 35.6%
tichacekcj William R. Gibbons
Tuan T. Phung
Ghassan El-Haddad
Christopher J. Tichacek
Moffitt Cancer Center 42.4%
KurlieJoe Joe Grudzinski
Tyler Bradshaw
Bryan Bednarz
Tobias Ryden
Peter Bernhardt
UW-Madison 47.8%
jrjames Judy Rose James
James Halama
Junguo Bian
Stephen Karesh
Robert Wagner
Joseph Ringelstein
Nicholas Friedman
Loyola 51.1%
mohdj76 Mohammed Aljallad
Ted Steger
Lo Chih-Ming
Hartford 99.3%