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2024 Call for Grand Challenge Proposals

Let the AAPM’s Working Group on Grand Challenges (WGGC) assist you and your colleagues in conducting a Grand Challenge, an exciting and fun way to solve an important scientific problem while engaging with AAPM membership and the medical community at-large!

The WGGC is charged with promoting the conduct of Grand Challenges designed to assess or improve the use of medical imaging in diagnostic and/or therapeutic applications and is now accepting proposals from groups that wish to host a Challenge in advance of the 2025 Annual Meeting. The WGGC will identify up to two proposals that merit sponsorship (which includes some financial support) and will assist the organizing groups to move forward with the Challenges. The timeline for a proposed Challenge should allow for the conduct and conclusion of the Challenge in time for presentation at the Summer 2025 AAPM Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Please e-mail proposals to Emily Townley by 5:00 PM ET on July 31, 2024.

Proposals should contain the following elements:

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