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Medical Physics as a Career

Powerpoint Presentation (5.61MB)
The AAPM Public Education Committee has created a Power Point presentation that all members can use to promote "what does it mean to be a medical physicist". This slide set is appropriate for talking with high school students to get them interested in the field of medical physics, for undergraduate science majors to entice them in to the field as graduate students and to others in the medical community to foster a better understanding of what a medical physicist is, does and the role they play in diagnosis and treatment of cancer and benign disease.
For NON MEMBERS - Further Information

RADIATION SCIENCES: Uses in Medical Imaging and Therapy

This exclusive material covers clear nonmathematical explanations of the science and practice of medical Radiological Sciences.

Introduction to Medical Imaging Modalities

A series of videos sponsored by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering that provide a basic introduction and overview of several diagnostic imaging modalities.
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