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2016 AAPM Annual Meeting - Session: The Challenges of Predicting RBE Effects in Particle Therapy and Opportunities for Improving Cancer Therapy

Clinical Significance of RBE Variations in Proton Therapy
Harald Paganetti, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital

Handout(s): 115-31559-387514-118623.pdf
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Spatial Mapping of the RBE of Scanned Particle Beams - David Grosshans, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing Biological Optimization in Particle Therapy - David Carlson, PhD Yale University School of Medicine
RBEs for Human Lung Cancer Cells Exposed to Protons and Heavier Ions: Implications for Clinical Use of Charged Particles in Cancer Therapy - Kathryn Held, Massachusetts General Hospital
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