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2016 AAPM Annual Meeting - Session: The Challenges of Predicting RBE Effects in Particle Therapy and Opportunities for Improving Cancer Therapy

Spatial Mapping of the RBE of Scanned Particle Beams
David Grosshans, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Handout(s): 115-31560-387514-119237.pdf
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Clinical Significance of RBE Variations in Proton Therapy - Harald Paganetti, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital
Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing Biological Optimization in Particle Therapy - David Carlson, PhD Yale University School of Medicine
RBEs for Human Lung Cancer Cells Exposed to Protons and Heavier Ions: Implications for Clinical Use of Charged Particles in Cancer Therapy - Kathryn Held, Massachusetts General Hospital
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