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Continuing Education Credits


AAPM will submit to the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP) for approval of MPCEC continuing education credit for the AAPM 56th Annual Meeting. This includes both the AAPM Diagnostic and Therapy Physics Review Courses as well as the Nuclear Medicine Review Course. Attendees will receive medical physics continuing education credits for sessions attended. Up to eight (8) credits will be requested for MPEC credit for general poster viewing. If approved, the following information outlines the number of credits qualified medical physicists could earn for participating at the meeting.

To obtain MPCEC, SAMs, MDCB and/or RLI credit, attendees must complete an online evaluation survey.

Following the meeting and the close of the AAPM online evaluation system, AAPM will provide CAMPEP with participant contact information, credits earned, and the appropriate processing fees in order for individual participants to access their personal 2014 AAPM Meeting transcript via the CAMPEP online MPCEC Repository database. Please be advised, CAMPEP transcripts are viewable via the CAMPEP online MPCEC Repository database. Participants will not receive a hardcopy CAMPEP transcript. Should a participant need a hardcopy of the 2014 AAPM Meeting transcript, an individual may order a hardcopy transcript from CAMPEP. View details here.

Note: Individuals registered as Companions are not eligible for MPCEC.


  1. Review basic knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.
  2. Conduct sessions on the current state of the art and standards of practice.
  3. Provide a peer interchange forum for exchanging information and concepts

Medical Physics Continuing Education Credits

  • AAPM has applied to the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP) for MPCEC credit.
  • In order to obtain credits, attendees must evaluate ONE session during the designated time blocks.


Many AAPM members now require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as defined by the American Board of Radiology. AAPM is offering Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs) which allow for interactive learning and self-assessment of knowledge gained during up to 15 designated sessions. Deadline to register for SAMs is July 1. How Do I Register for SAMs sessions/credits at the 2014 Annual Meeting?

The AAPM Transfers SAMs Credits to the ABR via the CME Gateway.

Update your CME Gateway account for automatic transfer of SAMs/SA-CME Credits:

  • Sign onto the CME Gateway.
  • Select The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (SAMs/SA-CME)
  • Enter your AAPM user ID and password and click register.
  • Click on the individual Participating Organizations Reports link to view the SAMs credit that will transfer to the ABR.
  • SAMs Credits will transfer to the ABR website daily.


AAPM will apply to the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board (MDCB) for approval of the AAPM annual meeting for MDCB credits for continuing education credit hours for the meeting program, including the Review Courses.

To obtain credit, attendees must complete an on-line evaluation survey. Badge ID and CMD Number are required. Message Center/CEC kiosks are available in the convention center for this purpose.

Following the meeting, AAPM will report the medical dosimetrist participants credits earned to the MDCB.

Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI)

The AAPM will apply to the Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) for approval of professional sessions at the 2014 AAPM Annual Meeting. To obtain credit, attendees must complete the online evaluation. Please note, in addition to your Badge ID, your ACR # is also required.


  • To obtain credit, attendees must complete an online evaluation survey. Internet/CEC kiosks will be available in the convention center for this purpose.
  • The Online Evaluation System will also be available via the AAPM website. Use your own device to acces complimentary wi-fi throughout the Indiana Convention Center (AAPM meeting rooms, exhibit hall and function space).
  • The Online Evaluation system will remain open through 11:59 pm EST, Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Evaluations MUST be completed by that time for credits to be earned. After the close of the online evaluation system, registrants will be contacted with instructions for viewing the meeting transcript via the CAMPEP website.┬áThe transcript will list a description of the sessions and the number of continuing education credits obtained.
  • Please note: You must enter your badge id and last name in order to access the CEC evaluation system. A CMD number is required or Medical Dosimetrists.
  • Credits will be posted by August 27, 2014.