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All Exhibitors are invited to advertise in Medical Physics, the scientific journal of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. Medical Physics will be distributed to all AAPM attendees during registration. Information on rates, mechanical specifications and copy deadlines may be obtained from:

Deborah Bott
Advertising Sales Manager
American Institute of Physics
2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4502
Tel: 800-247-2242
Tel: 516-576-2430
Fax: 516-576-2481
E-mail: dbott@aip.org
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Advertising Policy:
AAPM publications, including Medical Physics, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, AAPM Newsletter, AAPM online services, and any other media, accept advertisements for products and services of interest to medical physicists. AAPM reserves the right to reject, for any or all media, an advertisement it feels is inappropriate for that medium.

AAPM offers a golden opportunity for you to reach each visitor to the AAPM Annual Meeting website — including medical physicists submitting abstracts, registering or visiting for updated meeting information.

Learn about the 56th Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, in 2014, RSNA 2014 and the 2014 Medical Physics Event Calendar.

Banner Advertising Banner Advertising

Exposure! — Deliver your message before, during and after the AAPM Annual Meeting with highly targeted, cost-effective banner advertisements (468 x 60 pixels). AAPM Meeting registrants visit the meeting pages for updated meeting information, paper submission, registration and program scheduling. Banner advertising delivers your message for the whole year as meeting registrants return to the Meeting pages to review abstracts and proceedings information.

Your banner ad on the AAPM Meeting pages will deliver qualified prospects to your exhibit booth and your web site - with measurable results. We display your banner using the industry's most sophisticated online impression and click-through tracking software.

Banner size is 468 x 60 pixels. Files accepted are .gif, .jpg, .html and flash files up to 40 kilobytes. Banner design services are available.

Full Year AAPM Meeting - Online Advertising Rates: $4,300

Contact information:

For online advertising, please contact:
AAPM Meeting - Online Advertising Sales
Deborah Bott, Advertising Sales Manager
Tel: 800-247-2242 or 516-576-2430
Fax: 516-576-2481 or Email: dbott@aip.org
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Advertising Policy:
AAPM publications, including Medical Physics, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, AAPM Newsletter, AAPM online services, and any other media, accept advertisements for products and services of interest to medical physicists. AAPM reserves the right to reject, for any or all media, an advertisement it feels is inappropriate for that medium.

AAPM members and meeting attendees will have the opportunity to view the 2014 Buyers Guide in three different sources this year:

  • On the AAPM Meeting Homepage, to be posted by April 28
  • In the June issue of Medical Physics, the official journal of AAPM
  • In the 2014 AAPM Meeting Pocket Program, distributed to attendees on site

Online Company Information Entry Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to update information for your company to be listed in the Buyers Guide.

Login to Buyers Guide -- coming soon!

You will then be prompted to enter the unique Exhibitor USERNAME and PASSWORD provided to you from AAPM Headquarters. If you need your Exhibitor login, please contact Rachel Smiroldo or call 301-209-3371.

By entering the special Exhibitor USERNAME and PASSWORD, you will be taken to a record listing the following information for your company:

  • Exhibitor Name
  • Street Address 1
  • Street Address 2
  • City, State, Zip, Country
  • Web Address
  • Buyer's Guide Description
    (500 characters with spaces max)
  • Buyer's Guide Contact
  • Contact Phone, Fax, Email

Review the information for your company and if necessary, edit or revise. All information listed for your company at this site will appear in the Buyers Guide. If you wish to omit certain information, please leave those appropriate record fields blank.

After reviewing/updating your record, it is imperative that you CONFIRM your Exhibitor Information by selecting the CONFIRM button.

Once you have confirmed, you will be taken to a second page where you can select/edit Product Focus and Product Line information for your company.

You can enter the system as often as needed to add or revise information listed for your company up until April 28. After April 28, you will no longer have access to your company record. Therefore, as of April 28, the information listed in your company record will be printed in Medical Physics, the Pocket Program, and posted on the Meeting website.

Individual Listings of Divisions, Branches, or Subsidiaries (ISLAND FORMATIONS ONLY)

Exhibitors occupying island formations may identify up to four (4) individual divisions, branches, or subsidiaries of the parent exhibitor company in the AAPM Annual Meeting issue of Medical Physics Journal and the AAPM Pocket Program.

Each entity listing to include:

  • Divisions, Branches, or Subsidiaries Name
  • Booth Number
  • Contact Information
  • Product Description
  • Product line
  • Product focus

Cost PER additional division, branch, or subsidy name: $2,000

This fee is necessary to accommodate the cost of supporting each individual entity.

If you are hosting an Exhibitor Function (Users Meeting, Social Event, etc) take the opportunity to post your announcement on our meeting site. This will assist any attendees who misplace the invite!

For details, please contact:

Rachel Smiroldo
(301) 209-3371

Be a Sponsor of an item for the the 2014 AAPM Annual Meeting!

AAPM offers Exhibitors the opportunity to sponsor items at the AAPM Meeting. In order to be a Sponsor you must be an exhibitor at the Annual Meeting. In order to reserve a sponsorship item, please complete and submit the Sponsorship form.

In addition to specific recognition associated with each opportunity, ALL sponsorships include:

  • One Quarter-Page B &W ad of your design in Pocket Program (if sponsorship form and ad submitted by May 12)
  • Company name and link to your website will appear on the conference website.
  • Logo and booth number will appear on “Sponsor Thank You” board placed in each refreshment break area in Exhibit Hall for the entire conference.
  • Logo will appear on slide in Electronic Scroll in session room, acknowledging you as an official Sponsor and item sponsored.

starting at $15,000 / exclusive sponsorship

This is a great opportunity to give AAPM conference attendees something they will continue to use long after the meeting. Each registered attendee will receive an environmentally friendly manufactured tote bag with your company name and/or logo and the 2014 meeting logo.

Sponsor will work with official AAPM provider.

Contact HQ for details.


Download Statistics from 2013:
Apple: 1,137
Android: 493
Web: 1,027
BlackBerry: 24
Total Downloads: 2,681

Sponsoring the smartphone AAPM Meeting App is an innovative interactive service that you can provide to conference attendees. Attendees will now have access to the Meeting program, speaker abstracts, exhibit hall floor plan, ability to create a personal appointment calendar, and much more…all via their smartphones!

1) Splash Screen **MUST BE SUMITTED BY APRIL 17**
$5,000/ exclusive sponsorship

Splash Screen SponsorshipFeatures:
- Company Name highlighted in Exhibitor list
- Displays when the App is opened
- Covers the entire screen
- Sized to fit iPhone, iPads, and Androids

2) Main Banner **STILL AVAILABLE**
$3,000/ unlimited sponsorship

Main Banner Sponsorship- Company Name highlighted in Exhibitor list
- Banner posted at the top of screen
- Banners will rotate at the top of the screen
- Each banner will be displayed for 5 seconds

3) Enhanced Listing **STILL AVAILABLE**
$1,000/ unlimited sponsorship

- Company Name highlighted in Exhibitor list
Main Banner Sponsorship- Ability to link to more marketing materials within the icon

4) Featured Exhibitor **STILL AVAILABLE**
$300/ unlimited sponsorship

- Company Name is highlighted in Exhibitor list

prices vary

AAPM Media Wall is brand new this year, with a state-of-the art LED screen which is brighter and more impressive than ever. Featuring a 19.7 feet video screen and a 15 feet tall tower, the 35 feet long Media Wall is expected be a focal point at the 2014 Annual Meeting. The Media Wall will be placed at a central location near the registration area and it will be available to a limited number of exhibitors to promote their company’s products and services with custom video content. This is a turn-key solution and spots are available on a first come first served basis.

For details and pricing quotes please contact:

Al Tokel
Principal - WideEmotion Product Manager
neoPromo Media Group
(201) 760 - 9300
cell (201) 245 - 1313

$3,000 per sponsor

EVERYONE uses the Internet and Evaluation Center terminals for checking email and completing the meeting evaluations...a requirement in order to obtain CEC! Over 1900 attendees completed the online evaluation for the 2013 Annual Meeting and most were completed at the meeting.

Three Internet and Evaluation Center terminals stations will be placed throughout the Convention Center (2 inside the exhibit hall and 1 near session meeting rooms).

  • Logo will appear on front screen of computer terminals.
  • Logo will appear on landing page of the message retrieval system (once attendees log in to specifically retrieve a message).

$2,500 per sponsor / per day Monday or Tuesday

Each Scientific Attendee at the Meeting will receive TWO lunch vouchers with their registration materials. This voucher is good for towards food and/or beverage purchase at any Convention Center food outlet in the Exhibit Halls. Vouchers are valid Monday and Tuesday only, between 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm.

Over 1800 coupons were redeemed each day during the 2013 Annual Meeting so we know attendees take advantage of the complimentary lunch!

  • Company Name announced over P.A. Monday and Tuesday at the beginning of the Lunch break (12:15 pm)
  • Logo and booth number will appear on “Thank You” table tents in all concession seating areas of Exhibit Hall for the entire day.

$1,500 per sponsor

Support the new members and your future customers! A special session has been organized and members new to the association over the past 3 years have been invited to attend. New members have a chance to win a complimentary registration for next year’s AAPM Annual Meeting and will have the opportunity to engage with the AAPM Leadership.

  • Company Name announced at the session held on Tuesday, July 22, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
  • Company representative will be allowed 1 – 2 minutes to address the audience
  • Logo and booth number will appear on “Thank You” table tents on refreshment break displays

$1,000 per break / 7 sponsorships available

More food! Opportunity designed especially for new or smaller companies. Refreshment breaks will be held each day in the exhibit hall in the designated lounge areas during the exhibit dates. The breaks are open to all attendees, are always a big hit and well attended!

Refreshment Breaks will take place:

Sunday 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm
Monday 9:30 am, 3:45 am
Tuesday 9:30 am, 3:45 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am

  • Logo and booth number will appear on “Thank You” table tents in all refreshment seating areas of Exhibit Hall for the entire day refreshment break is sponsored.
  • Logo will appear on beverage napkins during the refreshment break sponsored.

$1,000 plus project costs / exclusive sponsor

If you’re interested in providing customized electronic hotel key cards, you must first complete this form for official approval from AAPM. This is a first come/first served exclusive opportunity to work independently with each hotel in the AAPM housing block on providing key cards. The approved Exhibitor will be responsible for any contracts and costs associated with the project. Sponsor will be provided with a list of the hotel contacts.

Exhibitor must contact AAPM for approval of key card design.

**All files must be submitted by July 1 to be included in the charging station display**

This is a great opportunity to advertise your company while attendees charge their phones and other electronics. Charging stations will be located throughout the exhibit hall. If you are interested in sponsoring the charging station you can submit either a short video clip or a static image.

1) Welcome Lounge buy out
$1000 / exclusive sponsor

There will be 2 charging stations in the Welcome Lounge. This is an opportunity for one exhibitor to be the only company displaying promotional materiels at these stations. Please note AAPM Meeting materials will also be displayed on these stations as well.

2) Short Video Clip (60 Seconds) Only
$500 / per sponsor

3) Image Displayed Only
$200 / per sponsor

AAPM will implement a Virtual Press Room for the 2014 Meeting. The Virtual Press Room will consist of both Scientific and Exhibitor related press releases.

All contributing companies will be listed on the Virtual Press Room site. A link will be created from the Press Room site/company name back to the URL address of the press release.

AAPM Exhibitor Virtual Press Room Guidelines:

  1. Only companies officially exhibiting at the 2014 AAPM Meeting may submit materials for the Exhibitor Virtual Pressroom.

  2. There is no endorsement implied by AAPM.

  3. Releases will be listed in alpha order by company name.

  4. Press releases submitted for the Exhibitor Virtual Press Room by July 2 will be printed and provided in press kits available on-site to all registered press.

Details will be included in the Service Kit. We hope to attract more press personnel to our meeting so encourage you to post your releases.

As an Exhibitor, you have the opportunity for a direct mail campaign; use the list of 2014 AAPM Meeting scientific registrants.

  • We receive the bulk of our scientific registrants by June 4.
  • The registrant list will be sent via email within 5 days of receipt of order (For an additional fee of $50, list will be sent via email within 2 day of receipt of order.)
  • Information provided for each pre-registered scientific attendee:
    • Reg. Category
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Degree
    • Company
    • Street Address
    • Street Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • Email address*
    • Employment function

      *Note: Email addresses will be provided for Registrants who consented to the release of personal email addresses.

To order, link here: Attendee Registrant Mailing Labels


  • $0.30 per label x number of registered attendees at time order is received = $ Total Cost

Corporate Affiliate members get Two Complimentary Mailing Lists each year.  The meeting attendee list may be used as one of these complimentary mailing lists.  Corporate Affiliates may purchase the meeting attendee list at a reduced cost:

  • $0.20 per label x number of registered attendees at time order is received = $ Total Cost

For an additional fee of $50, list will be sent via email within 2 days of receipt of order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you ship your lists?
A. via Email

Q. In what formats do you offer the AAPM mailing list? (back to the top)
A. The AAPM mailing list is in electronic format only, Microsoft Excel.

Q. How soon will I get my list?
A. Under ordinary circumstances most orders are filled within 5 business days. If an order is received on Monday, we try to send it out by the following Friday.

Q. What if I need it sooner?
A. We do offer rush jobs. There is a $50 fee associated with such a request. A 'rush job' is one that is requested to be received by a specific date that is less than five days after the date the order is received. Please inform us by telephone or email that you will be requesting a rush job so that we can be on the lookout for your order and handle it as soon as possible. Note: We often process jobs within a day or two of receipt, but it is not guaranteed.

Q. How many times can I use the list? 
A. The list are sold on a per-use basis. If you purchase one list, then you may use it once.

Q. Why do I have to include a sample of the mailing?
A. In order to ensure that our list is being used legitimately, we have a validation system in place. Whenever we come across a mailing that appears to have used our list, we check to see if we have sold a label to the sending company and that we have a sample on file. If we can't confirm that we sold labels for that mailing, then we start asking questions.

Q. What's to stop me from copying the names from the list that you gave me?
A. You are required to sign a statement stating that you will not do that.

Q. What if I have a question that isn't on this list?
A. Email us at dba@aapm.org.

Record, print and store your leads with the scan of a badge!

Information and order forms regarding the Lead Retrieval System will be included in the Online Exhibitor Service Kit.

Exhibitors are encouraged to rent the lead retrieval equipment and supplies in order to obtain mailing information of interested attendees, includes email addresses.

Exhibitors are allowed to distribute printed materials as door drops at the designated AAPM hotels. An official Exhibitor Door Drop Request Form will be included in the Online Service Kit. Exhibitors will be responsible for any fees involved.

For details contact:
Bob Clayton
Convention Communications
Tel: 321-939-0171
Cell: 321-276-1590
Fax: 336-217-8100
Email: bob@doordrop.com

Description: leafPLEASE NOTE: Convention Communications has implemented a Green Initiative. For each company participating in the Door Drop Service, Convention Communications will have a native tree planted in a US ecosystem restoration project to offset the resources used in printing and the carbon used for transportation. 

Should you be interested in using the AAPM logo in your promotional items, please contact Rachel Smiroldo.

In an effort to reach as many potential attendees as possible, we encourage you to link to the AAPM 2014 Annual Meeting website http://www.aapm.org/meetings/2014AM/ from your company website.