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CSDF: A Color Extension of the Grayscale Standard Display Function

T Kimpe

T Kimpe1*, A Avanaki2 , C Marchessoux1 , J Rostang1 , K Espig2 , B Piepers1 , A Xthona2 , (1) Barco N.V., Kortrijk, Belgium (2) Barco, Beaverton, OR, USA


WE-D-9A-3 Wednesday 11:00AM - 12:15PM Room: 9A

Use of color images in medical imaging has increased significantly the last few years. As of today there is no agreed standard on how color information needs to be visualized on medical color displays, resulting into large variability of color appearance and it making consistency and quality assurance a challenge. This paper presents a proposal for an extension of DICOM GSDF towards color.

Visualization needs for several color modalities (multimodality imaging, nuclear medicine, digital pathology, quantitative imaging applications...) have been studied. On this basis a proposal was made for desired color behavior of color medical display systems and its behavior and effect on color medical images was analyzed.

Several medical color modalities could benefit from perceptually linear color visualization for similar reasons as why GSDF was put in place for greyscale medical images. An extension of the GSDF (Greyscale Standard Display Function) to color is proposed: CSDF (color standard display function). CSDF is based on deltaE2000 and offers a perceptually linear color behavior. CSDF uses GSDF as its neutral grey behavior. A comparison between sRGB/GSDF and CSDF confirms that CSDF significantly improves perceptual color linearity. Furthermore, results also indicate that because of the improved perceptual linearity, CSDF has the potential to increase perceived contrast of clinically relevant color features.

There is a need for an extension of GSDF towards color visualization in order to guarantee consistency and quality. A first proposal (CSDF) for such extension has been made. Behavior of a CSDF calibrated display has been characterized and compared with sRGB/GSDF behavior. First results indicate that CSDF could have a positive influence on perceived contrast of clinically relevant color features and could offer benefits for quantitative imaging applications.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: Authors are employees of Barco Healthcare

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