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Verification MU Calculation for Conformal Radiotherapy with Multileaf Collimator Using Report AAPM TG 114

C Venencia

A Adrada, Z Tello, L Medina, E Garrigo, D Venencia*, Instituto de Radioterapia - Fundacion Marie Curie, Cordoba, Argentina


SU-E-T-348 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The purpose of this work was to develop and validate an open source independent MU dose calculation software for 3D conformal radiotherapy with multileaf high and low resolution according to the report of AAPM TG 114

Methods: Treatment plans were done using Iplan v4.5 BrainLAB TPS. A 6MV photon beam produced by Primus and Novalis linear accelerators equipped with an Optifocus MLC and HDMLC, respectively. TPS dose calculation algorithms were pencil beam and Monte Carlo. 1082 treatments plans were selected for the study. The algorithm was written in free and open source CodeBlocks C++ platform. Treatment plans were imported by the software using RTP format. Equivalent size field is obtained from the positions of the leaves; the effective depth of calculation can be introduced by TPS's dosimetry report or automatically calculated starting from SSD. The inverse square law is calculated by the 3D coordinates of the isocenter and normalization point of the treatment plan. The dosimetric parameters TPR, Sc, Sp and WF are linearly interpolated.

Results: 1082 plans of both machines were analyzed. The average uncertainty between the TPS and the independent calculation was -0.43% ± 2.42% [-7.90%, 7.50%]. Specifically for the Primus the variation obtained was -0.85% ± 2.53% and for the Novalis 0.00% ± 2.23%. Data show that 94.8% of the cases the uncertainty was less than or equal to 5%, while 98.9% is less than or equal to 6%.

Conclusion: The developed software is appropriate for use in calculation of UM. This software can be obtained upon request.

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