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The FLUKA Monte Carlo Code in Ion Beam Therapy

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I Rinaldi

I Rinaldi1,2* on behalf of the FLUKA collaboration, (1) Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany (2) Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany


SU-E-T-323 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Monte Carlo (MC) codes are increasingly used in the ion beam therapy community due to their detailed description of radiation transport and interaction with matter. The suitability of a MC code demands accurate and reliable physical models for the transport and the interaction of all components of the mixed radiation field. This contribution will address an overview of the recent developments in the FLUKA code oriented to its application in ion beam therapy.

FLUKA is a general purpose MC code which allows the calculations of particle transport and interactions with matter, covering an extended range of applications. The user can manage the code through a graphic interface (FLAIR) developed using the Python programming language.

This contribution will present recent refinements in the description of the ionization processes and comparisons between FLUKA results and experimental data of ion beam therapy facilities. Moreover, several validations of the largely improved FLUKA nuclear models for imaging application to treatment monitoring will be shown. The complex calculation of prompt gamma ray emission compares favorably with experimental data and can be considered adequate for the intended applications. New features in the modeling of proton induced nuclear interactions also provide reliable cross section predictions for the production of radionuclides.
Of great interest for the community are the developments introduced in FLAIR. The most recent efforts concern the capability of importing computed-tomography images in order to build automatically patient geometries and the implementation of different types of existing positron-emission-tomography scanner devices for imaging applications.

The FLUKA code has been already chosen as reference MC code in many ion beam therapy centers, and is being continuously improved in order to match the needs of ion beam therapy applications. Parts of this work have been supported by the European FP7 project ENVISION (grant agreement no. 241851).

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: Parts of this work have been supported by the European FP7 project ENVISION (grant agreement no. 241851).

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