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An Investigation of the Margin From CTV to PTV Using Retraction Method for Cervical Carcinoma

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D Wu

D Wu*, J Chen , Y Hao , C Liao , Y Huang , Y Mo , Y Wei , The People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning, Guangxi


SU-E-T-36 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:This work employs the retraction method to compute and evaluate the margin from CTV to PTV based on the influence of target dosimetry of setup errors during cervical carcinoma patients treatment.
Methods:Sixteen patients with cervical cancer were treated by Elekta synergy and received a total of 305 KV-CBCT images. The iso-center of the initial plans were changed according to the setup errors to simulate radiotherapy and then recalculated the dose distribution using leaf sequences and MUs for individual plans. The margin from CTV to PTV will be concluded both by the method of retracting (Fixed the PTV of the original plan, and retract PTV a certain distance defined as simulative organization CTVnx. The minimum distance value from PTV to CTVnx which get specified doses, namely guarantee at least 99% CTV volume can receive the dose of 95%, is the margin CTV to PTV we found) and the former formula method.
Results:(1)The setup errors of 16 patients in X, Y and Z directions were(1.13±2.94) mm ,(-1.63±7.13) mm,(-0.65±2.25) mm. (2) The distance between CTVx and PTV was 5, 9 and 3mm in X, Y and Z directions According to 2.5+0.7σ. (3) Transplantation plans displayed 99% of CTVx10- CTVx7 and received 95% of prescription dose, but CTVx6-CTVx3 departed from standard of clinic.In order to protect normal tissues, we selected 7mm as the minimum value of the margin from CTV to PTV.
Conclusion:We have test an retraction method for the margin from CTV to PTV evaluation. The retraction method is more reliable than the formula method for calculating the margin from the CTV to the PTV, because it represented practice of treatment, and increasing a new method in this field.

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