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Optimization of DLG Using TG-119 Test Cases and a Weighted Mean Approach

B Sintay

B Sintay*, C Vanderstraeten, J Terrell, J Maurer, J Pursley, D Wiant, Cone Health Cancer Center, Greensboro, NC


SU-E-T-367 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: Optimization of the dosimetric leaf gap (DLG) is an important step in commissioning the Eclipse treatment planning system for sliding window intensity-modulated radiation therapy (SW-IMRT) and RapidArc. Often the values needed for optimal dose delivery differ markedly from those measured at commissioning. We present a method to optimize this value using the AAPM TG-119 test cases.

Methods: For SW-IMRT and RapidArc, TG-119 based test plans were created using a water-equivalent phantom. Dose distributions measured on film and ion chamber (IC) readings taken in low-gradient regions within the targets were analyzed separately. Since DLG is a single value per energy, SW-IMRT and RapidArc must be considered simultaneously. Plans were recalculated using a linear sweep from 0.02cm (the minimum DLG) to 0.3 cm. The calculated point doses were compared to the measured doses for each plan, and based on these comparisons an optimal DLG value was computed for each plan. TG-119 cases are designed to push the system in various ways, thus, a weighted mean of the DLG was computed where the relative importance of each type of plan was given a score from 0.0 to 1.0. Finally, SW-IMRT and RapidArc are assigned an overall weight based on clinical utilization. Our routine patient-QA (PQA) process was performed as independent validation.

Results: For a Varian TrueBeam, the optimized DLG varied with σ = 0.044cm for SW-IMRT and σ = 0.035cm for RapidArc. The difference between the weighted mean SW-IMRT and RapidArc value was 0.038cm. We predicted utilization of 25% SW-IMRT and 75% RapidArc. The resulting DLG was ~1mm different than that found by commissioning and produced an average error of <1% for SW-IMRT and RapidArc PQA test cases separately.

Conclusion: The weighted mean method presented is a useful tool for determining an optimal DLG value for commissioning Eclipse.

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