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Output Factor Calculation of Irregular Shape Electron Cutout at Extended SSD

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W Gebreamlak

H Alkhatib , W Gebreamlak*, South Carolina Oncology Associates, Columbia, SC


SU-E-T-601 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To calculate the output factor of irregular shape electron beam at extended SSD using modified lateral build-up-ratio method.

Methods:Circular cutouts from 2.0cm diameter to maximum possible sizes were prepared for applicator cone size of 15x15cm. In addition, different irregular cutouts were prepared. Percentage depth dose (PDD) curves were measured for each cutout using 6, 9, 12 and 16-MeV at the standard SSD of 100cm. The scanning was done using Multidata system and Scanditronix diodes on 2100SC Varian LINAC. In addition, for each cutout and electron beam energy doses were measured at SSD values of 100, 105, 110, 115cm using EDR2 films and diodes.

Results:The measured PDD were normalized to the depth of 1.0mm. The lateral build-up-ratio (LBR) and the lateral scatter parameter (sigma) were calculated for each circular cutout using the open 15X15-cm2 field as the reference field. Taking the linear increase of sigma with cutout size into account, PDD of the irregular cutouts were calculated at 100 cm SSD. Furthermore, using the dose measured at different SSDs, the effective SSD value for each circular cutout and electron beam energy was determined. Employing the LBR and the effective-SSD values of the circular cutouts along with the calculated PDD of the irregular cutouts, the output factors of the irregular cutout at different extended SSD values were calculated. Finally, the calculated output factors were compared with the measured values.

Conclusion:In this research, it is shown that output factor of irregular shape electron beam at extended SSD can be determined by using the LBR and the effective SSD values of circular cutouts. The percentage difference of the calculated output factor from the measured output factor for irregular cutouts at extended SSD were within 3.0%.

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