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Evaluation of a New Reusable 3D Dosimeter

T Juang

T Juang1*, J Adamovics2 , M Oldham3 , (1) Medical Physics Graduate Program, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, (2) Rider University, Skillman, NJ, (3) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC


TH-C-19A-5 Thursday 10:15AM - 12:15PM Room: 19A

PRESAGE is a radiochromic plastic which has demonstrated strong potential for high resolution single-use 3D dosimetry. This study evaluates a new PRESAGE formulation (Presage-RU) in which the radiochromic response is reversible (the dosimeter optically clears after irradiation), enabling the potential for reusability.

Presage-RU dose response and optical-clearing rates were evaluated in both small volume dosimeters (1x1x4.5cm) and a larger cylindrical dosimeter (8cm diameter, 4.5cm length). All dosimeters were allowed to fully optically clear in dark, room temperature conditions between irradiations. Dose response was determined by irradiating small volume samples from 0–8.0Gy and measuring change in optical density. The cylindrical dosimeter was irradiated with a simple 4-field box plan (parallel opposed pairs of 4cmx4cm AP-PA beams and 2cmx4cm lateral beams) to 20Gy. High resolution 3D dosimetry was achieved utilizing optical-CT readout. Readings were tracked up to 14 days to characterize optical clearing.

Initial irradiation yielded a response of 0.0119ΔOD/(Gy*cm) while two subsequent re-irradiations yielded a lower but consistent response of 0.0087ΔOD/(Gy*cm). Strong linearity of dose response was observed for all irradiations. In the large cylindrical dosimeter, the integral dose within the high dose region exhibited an exponential decay in signal over time (half-life=23.9 hours), with the dosimeter effectively cleared (0.04% of the initial signal) after 10 days. Subsequent irradiation resulted in 19.5% lower initial signal but demonstrated that the exponential clearing rate remained consistent. Results of additional subsequent irradiations will also be presented.

This work introduces a new re-usable radiochromic dosimeter (Presage-RU) compatible with high resolution (sub-millimeter) 3D dosimetry. Sensitivity of the initial radiation was observed to be slightly higher than subsequent irradiations, but the clearing time remained constant, indicating the dosimeter can be re-used after 10 days. Presage-RU has potential to dramatically improve cost-effectiveness and thereby lower the barrier for implementing comprehensive, high resolution 3D dosimetry.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: This work was supported by NIH R01CA100835. John Adamovics is the president of Heuris Inc., which commercializes PRESAGE.

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