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Program Information

CT Dose Optimization Technologies II

I Driesser

E Angel

I Driesser1*, E Angel2*, (1) Siemens AG, Forchheim, Germany, (2) Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc, Tustin, CA


TU-PIS-Exhibit Hall-1 Tuesday 11:15AM - 12:15PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Partners in Solutions is an exciting new program in which AAPM partners with our vendors to present practical “hands-on” information about the equipment and software systems that we use in our clinics. The imaging topic this year is CT scanner dose optimization capabilities. Note that the sessions are being held in a special purpose room built on the Exhibit Hall Floor, to encourage further interaction with the vendors.

Siemens‘ Commitment to the Right Dose in Computed Tomography
Presentation Time: 11:15 - 11:45 AM

Providing sustainable clinical results at highest patient safety: This is the challenge in medical imaging. Especially for Computed Tomography this means applying not simply the lowest, but the right dose for sound diagnostic imaging. Consequently, Siemens is committed to deliver the right dose in CT.

In order to reduce radiation to the right dose, the first step is to provide the right dose technology. Through decades of research and development in CT imaging, Siemens CT has constantly introduced new ideas leading to a comprehensive portfolio of unique CARE technologies to deliver the right dose. For example automated kV adjustment based on patient size and the clinical question with CARE kV and three generations of iterative reconstruction.

Based on the right dose technology, the next step is to actually scan at the right dose. For this, it is key to know the right dose targets for every examination. Siemens continuously involves CT experts to push developments further and outline how users can best adapt their procedures to the right dose. For users to know whether they met the right dose targets, it is therefore important to understand and monitor the actual absolute dose values. All scanners are delivered with defined default protocols which automatically use the available right dose technologies.

Finally, to deliver the right dose not just in singular cases, but ideally to patients everywhere, organizations need then to manage dose across their institutions. Here Siemens offers the right dose management tools for administrations to analyze and document dose, to train their clinical staff and to continuously optimize the application of the right dose in clinical routine.

Siemens CT is not only adhering to the ALARA principle, but is inspired by it.

With CARE Right Siemens show their commitment to the right dose in CT.

Toshiba Aquilion CT Dose Management Tools
Presentation Time: 11:45 - 12:15 PM

A practical review of Toshiba’s CT dose management technologies from the physicist’s perspective. This presentation will include an overview of Toshiba’s CT dose reduction technologies and dose safeguards. Content will include answers to frequently asked questions relating to dose management, dose tracking, CTDI measurement, ACR accreditation, ACR QC, and protocol review on Toshiba CT systems.

Specific topics will include the following:

•Toshiba’s mechanism of tube current modulation;
•Exposure record format and interpretation of the values;
•Dose reporting and dose safeguard tools;
•Use of AIDR 3D iterative reconstruction;
•The configuration of task specific image quality target and its integration with AIDR 3D;
•Tips for scanning the ACR phantom with wide beam geometry;
•Measuring CTDI for wide beam geometry;
•Discussion of daily QC procedures and specifications;
•Tips for annual QC evaluation
•Protocol management tools


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