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Program Information

  Therapy SNAP Oral Sunday
Dose Measurement Tools and QA 4:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Ballroom E

Moderator 1: Robert Staton, UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health
Moderator 2: Sam Beddar, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr.

4:00 PM
A Rapid Method to Determine An Upper Limit On a Radiation Detector's Correction Factor During the QA of IMRT Plans
Y. Kamio*, H. Bouchard
4:07 PM
Characterization of a New Commercial Single Crystal Diamond Detector in Photon, Electron and Proton Beams
Y. Akino*, I. Das
4:14 PM
Consideration of a Track-Interaction Model for Radiochromic Film Response
B. Rosen*, L. DeWerd
4:21 PM
Construction of 3D Printed Patient Specific Phantoms for Dosimetric Verification Measurements
E. Ehler*, P. Higgins, K. Dusenbery
4:28 PM
Development and Evaluation of a Real-Time Robotic 6D Quality Assurance Phantom
A. Belcher*, X. Liu, Z. Grelewicz, R. Wiersma
4:35 PM
Evaluation of Patient CT Dose Reconstruction From 3D Diode Array Measurements Using Anthropomorphic Phantoms
M. Huang*, A. Faught, S. Benhabib, R. Cardan, I. Brezovich, D. Followill, R. Popple
4:42 PM
Experimental Validation of a Lung SBRT Technique Using a Novel, True Volumetric Plenoptic-Plastic-Scintillator Detector
M. Goulet*, M. Rilling, L. Gingras, S. Beddar, L. Beaulieu, L. Archambault
4:49 PM
Feasibility of 3D Printed Patient Specific Phantoms for IMRT/IGRT QA
E. Ehler*, P. Higgins, K. Dusenbery
4:56 PM
Linac Isocenter Quality Assurance: A Stereotactic Approach
B. McCabe*, J. Li
5:03 PM
Methods to Simulate and Measure the Attenuation for Modeling a Couch Top with Rails for FFF Treatment Delivery On the Varian Edge Linac
M. Gulam*, S. Gardner, B. Zhao, K. Snyder, K. Song, H. Li, W. Kearns, J. Gordon, N. Wen, I. Chetty
5:10 PM
Neutron Measurements Around the Varian TrueBeam Linac
R. Maglieri*, L. Liang, M. Evans, A. Licea, J. Dubeau, S. Witharana, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, J. Kildea
5:17 PM
Optical Resonator Water Calorimeter
J. Abraham*, J. DeMarco, D. Low
5:24 PM
Replacing Pre-Treatment Phantom QA with 3D In-Vivo Portal Dosimetry for IMRT Breast Cancer
J. Stroom*, S. Vieira, I. Olaciregui-Ruiz, R. Rozendaal, M. van Herk, E. Moser, C. Greco
5:31 PM
Uncertainty Analysis for Dose Measurements Using OSLD NanoDots
S. Kry*, P. Alvarez, F. Stingo, D. Followill
5:38 PM
Verification of Energy Dependence of MAGAT Polymer Gel at Orthovoltage Energies
Y. Roed*, R. Tailor, L. Pinsky, G. Ibbott
5:45 PM
VMAT Commissioning and Quality Assurance (QA) of An Elekta Synergy-STM Linac Using ICOM Test HarnessTM
A. Nguyen*, P. Rajaguru, D. Kaurin, T. Paul, R. He, A. Plowman, C. Yang