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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy SNAP Oral Sunday
DIR and Dose Impact 4:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Ballroom F

Moderator 1: Jinzhong Yang, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Lei Dong, Scripps Proton Therapy Center

4:00 PM
A GPU Framework for Developing Interactive High-Resolution Patient-Specific Biomechanical Models
J. Neylon*, S. Qi, K. Sheng, P. Kupelian, A. Santhanam
4:07 PM
Automated Lung Segmentation Method Using Atlas-Based Sparse Shape Composition with a Shape Constrained Deformable Model
J. Zhou*, z. yan, s. zhang, B. Zhang, G. Lasio, K. Prado, W. D'Souza
4:14 PM
Quality Assurance of Deformable Image Registration in Radiotherapy
W. Watkins*, K. Bzdusek, J. Siebers
4:21 PM
Evaluation of Five Commercially-Available Algorithms for Deformable Image Registration
A. Shah*, J. Pukala, P. Johnson, R. Staton, S. Meeks
4:28 PM
Influence of Rigid Registration On the Deformable Registration Quality in the Context of Atlas Contouring
E. von Lavante*, C. Galerneau, M. Gooding
4:35 PM
Density Correction for Deformable Image Registration to Improve CT Number Mapping
J. Yang*, Y. Zhang, L. Zhang, P. Balter, L. Court
4:42 PM
Impact of Different Patient Setup Strategies in Adaptive Radiation Therapy with Simultaneous Integrated Volume-Adapted Boost of NSCLC
S. Balik*, E. Weiss, N. Dogan, m. fatyga, W. Sleeman, Y. Wu, G. Hugo
4:49 PM
Conformal Mapping-Based 3D Surface Matching and Registration
Y. Song*, W. Zeng, C. Liu, X. Gu
4:56 PM
A Non-Rigid Point Matching Method for Accurate Bladder Dose Summation in Cervical Cancer HDR Brachytherapy
H. Chen, X. Zhen*, Z. Zhong, A. Pompos, H. Yan, L. Zhou, S. Jiang, X. Gu
5:03 PM
Deformable MRI to CT Validation Employing Same Day Planning MRI for Surrogate Analysis
K. Padgett*, R. Stoyanova, P. Johnson, J. Piper, A. Javorek, N. Dogan, A. Pollack
5:10 PM
Dose Rearrangement in High Dose Locally Advanced Lung Patients Based On Perfusion Imaging
C. Matrosic*, D. Jarema, F. Kong, D. McShan, M. Stenmark, D. Owen, R. Ten Haken, M. Matuszak
5:17 PM
Investigating Dosimetric Effects of Inter-Fraction Deformation in Lung Cancer Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
J. Jia*, Z. Tian, X. Gu, H. Yan, X. Jia, S. Jiang
5:24 PM
Investigating the Feasibility of Accurate Dose Measurement in a Deforming Radiochromic Dosimeter
T. Juang*, J. Adamovics, M. Oldham
5:31 PM
Increasing the Accuracy of Dose Calculation On Cone-Beam Imaging Using Deformable Image Registration in the Case of Prostate Translation
O. Fillion*, L. Gingras, L. Archambault
5:38 PM
Interfractional Dose Variations in Parotid and Submandibular Glands in IG-IMRT for Head and Neck Cancer
X. Chen*, M. Botros, E. Ahunbay, D. Wang, C. Schultz, X. Li