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Program Information

  Imaging SNAP Oral Sunday
CT Topics 4:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: 18C

Moderator 1: Ehsan Samei, Duke University Medical Center
Moderator 2: John Rong, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

4:00 PM
Minimum Detectability Analysis for Comprehensive Sized Based Optimization of Image Quality and Radiation Dose Across CT Protocols
C. Smitherman*, B. Chen, E. Samei
4:07 PM
Evaluations of the Noise Power Spectrum of a CT Iterative Reconstruction Technique for Radiation Therapy
S. Dolly*, H. Chen, M. Anastasio, S. Mutic, H. Li
4:14 PM
Loss of Image Sharpness in CT Bone Imaging Due to Positioning Within the Scan Field of View - Possible Solutions
F. Ranallo*, T. Szczykutowicz
4:21 PM
A Combination of Monoenergetic Reconstruction and Stoichiometric Calibration for Tissue Characterization Using Dual Energy Computed Tomography
S. Bedwani*, J. Tremblay, H. Bouchard
4:28 PM
Characterization of a Silicon Strip Photon-Counting Detector in the Presence of Compton Scatter: A Simulation Study
B. Ziemer*, H. Ding, H. Cho, S. Molloi
4:35 PM
Prospective Patient Evaluation of Iterative Reconstruction in Radiation Oncology
R. Price*, S. Vance, R. Cattaneo, L. Schultz, M. Elshaikh, I. Chetty, C. Glide-Hurst
4:42 PM
Automated CT QC Program with Analytics, Archival, and Notification Capabilities
J. Winslow*, O. Christianson, E. Samei
4:49 PM
A Validation Study of a Commercially Available Software Package's Absorbed Dose Estimates in a Physical Phantom
M. Supanich*, J. Siegelman
4:56 PM
Assessment of OSL Dosimeter Technology in the Validation of a Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Code for CT Dosimetry
D. Carver*, S. Kost, D. Pickens, R. Price, M. Stabin
5:03 PM
Clinical Implementation of Radiochromic Film Based CTDI Measurements
C. Quintero*, N. Tomic, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, S. Devic, H. Bekerat
5:10 PM
Diameter Dependency of the Radial Dose Distribution in a Long Polyethylene Cylinder
D. Bakalyar*, W. Feng, S. McKenney
5:17 PM
On the Relationship of the Weighted Dose to the Surface Dose In Abdominal CT - Patient Size Dependency
Y. Zhou*, A. Scott, J. Allahverdian
5:24 PM
Low-Dose X-Ray CT Reconstruction Using a Hybrid First-Order Method
L. Liu, W. Lin, M. Jin*
5:31 PM
Hessian-Based Norm Penalty for Weighted Least-Square CBCT Reconstruction
T. Sun, N. Sun, J. Wang, S. Tan*, S. Tan
5:38 PM
Model-Based Multiscale Noise Reduction On Low Dose Cone Beam Projection
W. Yao*, J. Farr