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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session Monday
DIR and Dose Impact 10:15AM - 12:15PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Ergun Ahunbay, Medical College of Wisconsin
Moderator 2: Indrin Chetty, Henry Ford Health System

10:15 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (JOINT IMAGING-THERAPY) - A Method to Estimate Deformable Dose Accumulation Errors in Patients with Cancers of the Head and Neck
J. Pukala*, K. Langen, F. Bova, R. Staton, R. Manon, P. Kelly, S. Meeks
10:25 AM
A Novel Method for Evaluating Hepatic Stiffness Based On 4D-MRI and Deformable Image Registration
T. Cui*, X. Liang, B. Czito, M. Palta, M. Bashir, F. Yin, J. Cai
10:35 AM
A GPU-Based Method for Validating Deformable Image Registration in Head and Neck Radiotherapy Using Biomechanical Modeling
J. Neylon*, Y. Min, S. Qi, P. Kupelian, A. Santhanam
10:45 AM
Forecasting Longitudinal Changes in Oropharyngeal Tumor Morphology Throughout the Course of Head and Neck Radiation Therapy
A. Yock*, A. Rao, L. Dong, B. Beadle, A. Garden, R. Kudchadker, L. Court
10:55 AM
A Three-Dimensional Head-And-Neck Phantom for Validation of Kilovoltage- and Megavoltage-Based Deformable Image Registration
N. Kirby*, K. Singhrao, J. Pouliot
11:05 AM
Online Adaptive Re-Planning to Account for Independent Motions Between Multiple Targets During Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
F. Liu*, A. Tai, E. Ahunbay, E. Gore, C. Johnstone, X. Li
11:15 AM
Building Atlas for Automatic Prostate IMRT Planning: Anatomical Feature Parameterization and Classification
Y. Sheng*, T. Li, Y. Zhang, F. Yin, Y. Ge, Q. Wu
11:25 AM
Evaluation of Lung Deformation Using Three Dimensional Strain Maps
T. Cui*, Q. Huang, W. Miller, X. Zhong, F. Yin, J. Cai
11:35 AM
Deformation Image Registration Using a Spatial-Context Regularization Filter
Y. Zhang*, J. Yang, L. Zhang, P. Balter, L. Dong, L. Court
11:45 AM
Comparison of Dose Deformable Accumulation by Using Parallel and Serial Approaches
Z. Gao*, M. Li, J. Wong
11:55 AM
A Segmentation and Point Matching Enhanced Deformable Image Registration Method for Dose Accumulation Between HDR CT Images
X. Zhen*, H. Chen, H. Yan, L. Zhou, L. Mell, C. Yashar, S. Jiang, X. Jia, X. Gu, L. Cervino
12:05 PM
Uncertainty Evaluation of CT Image Deformable Registration for H&N Cancer Adaptive Radiotherapy
A. Qin*, D. Yan