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Program Information

  Imaging Scientific Session Monday
CT Dosimetry 1:45PM - 3:45PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Donovan Bakalyar, Henry Ford Health System
Moderator 2: Di Zhang, Toshiba America Medical Systems

1:45 PM
BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING) - Calculating SSDE From CT Exams Using Size Data Available in the DICOM Header of CT Localizer Radiographs
K. McMillan*, M. Bostani, C. McCollough, M. McNitt-Gray
1:55 PM
Incorporation of Contrast Medium Dynamics in Anthropomorphic Phantoms: The Advent of 5D XCAT Models
P. Sahbaee*, E. Samei, W. Segars
2:05 PM
Monte Carlo CT Dose Calculation: A Comparison Between Experiment and Simulation Using ARCHER-CT
T. Liu*, X. Du, L. Su, Y. Gao, W. Ji, D. Zhang, J. Shi, B. Liu, M. Kalra, X. Xu
2:15 PM
Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE) Provides a Simple Method to Calculate Organ Dose for Pediatric CT Examinations
B. Moore, S. Brady*, A. Mirro, R. Kaufman
2:25 PM
Individualized Patient Dosimetry in CT Using the Patient Dose (PAT-DOSE) Algorithm
A. Hernandez*, J. Boone
2:35 PM
Organ Dose in Abdomen-Pelvis CT: Does TG 111 Equilibrium Dose Concept Better Accounts for KVp Dependence Than Conventional CTDI?
X. Li*, A. Morgan, F. Dong, A. Primak, W. Davros, W. Segars
2:55 PM
Attenuation-Based Size Adjusted, Scanner-Independent Organ Dose Estimates for Head CT Exams: TG 204 for Head CT
K. McMillan*, M. Bostani, M. Zankl, J. DeMarco, C. Cagnon, M. McNitt-Gray
3:05 PM
Has Cancer Risk for Pediatric CT Increased Or Decreased? An Analysis of Cohort Data From 2004-2013
S. Brady*, R. Kaufman
3:15 PM
Evaluation of Body and Head Dimensions of Pediatric Patients as a Function of Age
J. Seibert*, J. Boone
3:25 PM
In-Phantom Detector Response in a Kilovoltage X-Ray Beam
M. Lawless*, L. DeWerd
3:35 PM
Direct Realization of the CT Dose to Phantom: Energy to Heat Conversion in Polyethylene Using Calorimetry
H. Chen-Mayer*, R. Tosh