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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session Monday
Physics of Cancer 2 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: Ballroom F

Moderator 1: Ke Sheng, UCLA School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Laurence Edward Court, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

4:30 PM
BEST IN PHYSICS (JOINT IMAGING-THERAPY) - Sensitivity of PET-Based Texture Features to Respiratory Motion in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
S. Yip*, K. McCall, M. Aristophanous, A. Chen, H. Aerts, R. Berbeco
4:40 PM
Enhancement of Texture-Based Metastasis Prediction Models Via the Optimization of PET/MRI Acquisition Protocols
M. Vallieres*, S. Laberge, I. Levesque, I. El Naqa
4:50 PM
BEST IN PHYSICS (JOINT IMAGING-THERAPY) - Using Quantitative MRI to Test the Validity of the Reaction-Diffusion Equation in Describing in Vivo Glioma Growth
D. Hormuth*, J. Weis, E. Rericha, T. Yankeelov
5:00 PM
Determining Response to Anti-Angiogenic Therapies with Monte Carlo Tumor Modeling
D. Valentinuzzi*, U. Simoncic, B. Titz, R. Jeraj
5:10 PM
Radiotherapy and Prompt Oxygen Dynamics
M. Kissick*, D. Campos, E. Adamson, D. Niles, A. Torres, L. Che Fru, R. Kimple, S. Fain, S. Jacques, A. van der Kogel
5:20 PM
Anomalously Fast Diffusion of Carbon Nanotubes Carriers in 3D Tissue Model
Y. Wang*, J. Bahng, N. Kotov
5:20 PM
Optical Characterization of Novel Terbium-Doped Nanophosphors Excited by Clinical Electron and Photon Beams for Potential Use in Molecular Imaging Or Photodynamic Therapy
A. Darafsheh*, T. Paik, M. Tenuto, S. Najmr, J. Friedberg, C. Murray, J. Finlay
5:40 PM
Investigating Magnetic Field Dose Effects in Mice: A Monte Carlo Study
A. Rubinstein*, M. Guindani, D. Followill, A. Melancon, J. Hazle, L. Court
5:40 PM
Local and Global Function Probability of the Liver
H. Wang*, M. Feng, A. Jackson, R. Ten Haken, T. Lawrence, Y. Cao