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Program Information

  Therapy Scientific Session Wednesday
Particle Therapy Dose Measurement and Scanning Beam Delivery 11:00AM - 12:15PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Benjamin Clasie, Massachusetts General Hospital
Moderator 2: Stefan Both, Univ Pennsylvania

11:15 AM
A Dynamic Collimation System for Spot Scanned Proton Therapy: Conceptual Overview
D. Hyer*, P. Hill, D. Wang, B. Smith, R. Flynn
11:25 AM
Evaluation of a Two-Dimensional Optical Dosimeter On Measuring Lateral Profiles of Proton Pencil Beams
W. Hsi*, T. Lee, M. Gao, S. Boyer, M. Pillainayagam, T. Schultz, B. Arjomandy, S. Park, M. Pankuch, A. Schreuder, D. Mah
11:35 AM
Improvement of Accuracy of Spot-Scanning Proton Beam Delivery for Liver Tumor by Real-Time Tumor-Monitoring and Gating System: A Simulation Study
T. Matsuura*, S. Shimizu, N. Miyamoto, S. Takao, C. Toramatsu, H. Nihongi, T. Yamada, Y. Fujii, M. Umezawa, K. Umegaki, H. Shirato
11:45 AM
Magnetically Focused Proton Irradiation of Small Volume Targets
G. McAuley*, J. Slater, A. Wroe
11:55 AM
Measurement of Stray Radiation Within An Active Scanning Proton Therapy Facility: EURADOS WG9 Intercomparison Exercise of Active Dosimetry Systems
J. Farah*, L. Stolarczyk, C. Algranati, C. Domingo, V. Dufek, F. Fellin, E. Frojdh, S. George, R. Harrison, M. Klodowska, J. Kubancak, Z. KneževiÄ, M. Liszka, M. Majer, V. Mares, S. MiljaniÄ, O. Ploc, M. Romero-Expósito, W. Rühm, K. Schinner, M. Schwarz3, S. Trinkl, F. Trompier, M. Wielunski, P. Olko
12:05 PM
Optically Stimulated Luminescence Detectors as 'LET-Meters' in Proton Beams
D. Granville*, N. Sahoo, G. Sawakuchi