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Program Information

  Imaging Scientific Session Wednesday
MRI: Image Quality and Applications in RT 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 18C

Moderator 1: R. Jason Stafford, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Jing Cai, Duke University Medical Center

4:30 PM
Novel Method for Geometrically Undistorted B0 Inhomogeneity Field Map Estimation and Image Correction
A. Matakos*, J. Balter, Y. Cao
4:40 PM
Estimation of Optimal B-Value Set for Obtaining Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Free From Perfusion in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
K. Karki*, G. Hugo, J. Ford, K. Olsen, S. Saraiya, R. Groves, E. Weiss
4:50 PM
Effects of Breathing Irregularity On Tumor Motion Measurement of 4D-MRI: A Comparison Between Cine and Sequential Image Acquisition Modes
Y. Liu*, F. Yin, D. Rhee, J. Cai
5:00 PM
Comparison of Image Registration Strategies to Improve DCE-MRI Uptake Curves in Esophageal Cancer
S. Heethuis*, P. van Rossum, I. Lips, M. van Vulpen, G. Meijer, J. Lagendijk, A. van Lier
5:10 PM
Characterization of Cross-Vendor, Cross-Field Strength MR Image Intensity Variations
E. Paulson*, D. Prah
5:20 PM
Is Diaphragm Motion a Good Surrogate for Liver Tumor Motion?
J. Yang*, J. Cai, H. Wang, Z. Chang, B. Czito, M. Bashir, M. Palta, F. Yin
5:30 PM
Accelerated Water/fat Separation in MRI for Radiotherapy Planning Using Multi-Band Imaging Techniques
S. Crijns*, B. Stemkens, A. Sbrizzi, J. Lagendijk, C. van den Berg, A. Andreychenko
5:40 PM
Real Time Tumor Imaging Using a Novel Dynamic Keyhole MRI Reconstruction Technique
D. Lee*, P. Greer, S. Pollock, B. Whelan, T. Kim, P. Keall
5:50 PM
Separating Perfusion and Diffusion Components From Diffusion Weighted MRI of Rectum Tumors Based On Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) Analysis
N. Tyagi*, K. Wengler, Y. Mazaheri, M. Hunt, J. Deasy, M. Gollub