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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session Wednesday
MRI in the Treatment Room 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Tufve Nyholm, Umeå University
Moderator 2: Sasa Mutic, Washington University School of Medicine

4:30 PM
Improving Tracking Image Spatial Resolution for Onboard MR Image Guided Radiation Therapy Using the WHISKEE Technique
Y. Hu*, S. Mutic, D. Du, O. Green, Q. Zeng, R. Nana, J. Patrick, S. Shvartsman, J. Dempsey
4:40 PM
MRI-Based Lung Tumor Tracking with Navigator Echo Pulses
K. Mooney*, N. Mistry, T. Diwanji, J. Lin, X. Shi, W. Regine, W. D'Souza
4:50 PM
MRIgRT: Quantification of Organ Motion
T. Stanescu*, T. Tadic, D. Jaffray
5:00 PM
Measurements of the Electron-Return-Effect in a Commercial Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiation Therapy (MR-IGRT) System
H. Wooten*, O. Green, H. Li, V. Rodriguez, S. Mutic
5:10 PM
Real-Time Catheter Localization Using An Active MR Tracker for Interstitial Brachytherapy
W. Wang*, A. Damato, T. Penzkofer, L. Pan, W. Gilson, R. Seethamraju, E. Schmidt, A. Viswanathan, R. Cormack
5:20 PM
A Water Calorimeter for Use in MRI Linacs
L. De Prez*, J. De Pooter, B. Jansen
5:30 PM
Investigation of the Influence of the Electron Return Effect (ERE) On the Dose Distribution in Rectal Cancer Patients On a 1.5T MR-Linac
S. Uilkema*, U. Heide, J. Sonke, M. Moreau, J. Nijkamp
5:40 PM
Electron Gun Operation for in Line MRI-Linac Configurations: An Assessment of Beam Fidelity and Recovery Techniques for Different SIDs and Magnetic Field Strengths
B. Whelan*, D. Constantin, L. Holloway, S. Kolling, B. Oborn, R. Fahrig, P. Keall
5:50 PM
Novel Magnetic Shielding Design for Inline and Perpendicular Integrated 6 MV Linac and 1.0 T MRI Systems
X. Li*, X. Diao, B. Ma, Y. Kuang