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Program Information

  Therapy Scientific Session Thursday
Monte Carlo and GPU Techniques for Proton Therapy Dose Calculation 7:30AM - 9:30AM  Room: 19A

Moderator 1: Xun Jia, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Ctr
Moderator 2: Bruce Faddegon, UC San Francisco

7:30 AM
An Open Source Software for Proton Treatment Planning in Heterogeneous Medium
M. Desplanques*, K. Wang, J. Phillips, G. Gueorguiev, G. Baroni, G. Sharp
7:40 AM
Expanding TOPAS Towards Biological Modeling
J. Schuemann*, D. Giantsoudi, I. Rinaldi, J. Perl, B. Faddegon, H. Paganetti
7:50 AM
Impact of Proton Dose Calculation Method On Delivered Dose to Lung Tumors: Experiments in Thorax Phantom and Planning Study in Patient Cohort
C. Grassberger*, J. Daartz, S. Dowdell, T. Ruggieri, G. Sharp, H. Paganetti
8:00 AM
Latent Uncertainties and Performance of a GPU-Implemented Pre-Calculated Track Monte Carlo Method
M. Renaud*, D. Roberge, J. Seuntjens
8:10 AM
Modeling Physics Properties and Biologic Effects Induced by Proton and Helium Ions
R. Taleei*, U. Titt, C. Peeler, F. Guan, D. Mirkovic, D. Grosshans, R. Mohan
8:20 AM
Site-Specific Comparison of Analytical and Monte Carlo Based Dose Calculations
J. Schuemann*, S. Dowdell, C. Grassberger, H. Paganetti
8:30 AM
The Effect of Particle Tracking Step Size Limit On Monte Carlo-Computed LET Spectrum of Therapeutic Proton Beams
F. Guan*, L. Bronk, M. Kerr, U. Titt, R. Taleei, D. Mirkovic, X. Zhu, D. Grosshans, R. Mohan
8:40 AM
Intel Xeon Phi Implementation of a Fast Multi-Purpose Monte Carlo Simulation for Proton Therapy
K. Souris*, J. Lee, E. Sterpin
8:50 AM
Towards Sub-Second Proton Dose Calculation On GPU
J. da Silva*, R. Ansorge, R. Jena
9:00 AM
Fast Four Dimensional Monte Carlo Dose Computations for Proton Therapy of Lung Cancer
D. Mirkovic*, P. Yepes, U. Titt, R. Mohan
9:10 AM
Validation of GPU-Based Monte Carlo Code (gPMC) Versus Fully Implemented Monte Carlo Code (TOPAS) for Proton Radiation Therapy: Clinical Cases Study
D. Giantsoudi*, J. Schuemann, S. Dowdell, X. Jia, S. Jiang, H. Paganetti
9:20 AM
A GPU-Accelerated and Monte Carlo-Based Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Optimization System
J. Ma*, H. Wan Chan Tseung, C. Beltran