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Program Information

  Therapy Scientific Session Thursday
Novel Photon Dose Delivery Techniques 10:15AM - 12:15PM  Room: 12A

Moderator 1: Nikos Papanikolaou, University of Texas HSC SA
Moderator 2: John DeMarco, UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology

10:15 AM
Develop a Patient-Specific QA Program for Radiation Therapy with On-Board MRI
H. Li*, V. Rodriguez, O. Green, Y. Hu, R. Kashani, H. Wooten, D. Yang, S. Mutic
10:25 AM
Comparison of Two RapidArc Delivery Strategies in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy of Stage I and II Peripheral Lung Tumors with Unflattened Beams
B. Huang*, J. Lu, P. Lin, J. Chen, Y. Kuang, C. Chen
10:35 AM
Development of Expanded Field Irradiation Technique with Gimbaled X-Ray Head
T. Ono*, Y. Miyabe, M. Yamada, A. Sawada, S. Kaneko, H. Monzen, T. Mizowaki, M. Kokubo, M. Hiraoka
10:45 AM
Dosimetric Evaluation of a Modulated Arc Technique for Total Body Irradiation
P. Tsiamas*, M. Czerminska, G. Makrigiorgos, M. Karen, P. Zygmanski
10:55 AM
Dynamic Couch Motion for Improvement of Radiation Therapy Trajectories in DCA and VMAT
L. MacDonald*, C. Thomas
11:05 AM
Feasibility of a MLC-Based Inversely Optimized Multi-Field Grid Therapy Technique
J. Jin, B. Zhao*, Y. Huang, J. Kim, Y. Qin, N. Wen, S. Ryu, I. Chetty
11:15 AM
Implementation of a Pulsed Low Dose Date Radiotherapy (PLRT) Protocol for Recurrent Cancers Using Advanced Beam Delivery
C. Ma*, M. Lin, L. Chen, R. Price, J. Li, S. Kang, P. Wang, J. Lang
11:25 AM
New Compact 10 MV S-Band Linear Accelerator: 3D Finite-Element Design and Monte Carlo Dose Simulations
D. Baillie*, J. St. Aubin, B. Fallone, S. Steciw
11:35 AM
Planning and Delivery of the Fully Dynamic Trajectory Modulated Arc Therapy: Application to Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
J. Liang*, T. Atwood, B. Fahimian, E. Chin, K. Otto, D. Hristov
11:45 AM
Surface Dose Enhancement Using Novel Hybrid Electron and Photon Low-Z Therapy Beams: Monte Carlo Simulation
C. Parsons*, D. Parsons, J. Robar, R. Kelly
11:55 AM
Target Correlation of a 3D Surface Surrogate for Left Breast Irradiation Using the Respiratory-Gated Deep-Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique
Y. Rong*, S. Walston, A. Quick
12:05 PM
Veritas: An Open Source Tool to Facilitate User Interaction with TrueBeam Developer Mode
P. Mishra*, J. Lewis, T. Etmektzoglou, M. Svatos