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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session Thursday
Novel Imaging Methods for Therapy 10:15AM - 12:15PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Charles Pelizzari, Univ Chicago
Moderator 2: Deshan Yang, Washington University in St Louis

10:15 AM
Imaging Sensor Comparison for Real-Time Cherenkov Signal Detection From Tissue for Treatment Verification
J. Andreozzi*, R. Zhang, A. Glaser, L. Jarvis, D. Gladstone, B. Pogue
10:25 AM
New Radioluminescence Strategies Based On CRET (Cerenkov Radiation Energy Transfer) for Imaging and Therapy
O. Volotskova*, C. Sun, G. Pratx, L. Xing
10:35 AM
Dynamic Visualization and Dosimetry of IMRT and VMAT Treatment Plans by Video-Rate Imaging of Cherenkov Radiation in Pure Water
A. Glaser*, R. Zhang, J. Andreozzi, C. Fox, D. Gladstone, B. Pogue
10:45 AM
Shining Light On the Implementation of Cherenkov Emission in Radiation Therapy
Y. Zlateva*, N. Quitoriano, I. El Naqa
10:55 AM
Cherenkov Excited Phosphorescence Oxygen (CEPhOx) Imaging During Multi-Beam Radiation Therapy
R. Zhang*, R. Holt, T. Esipova, S. Vinogradov, A. Glaser, D. Gladstone, B. Pogue
11:05 AM
A Hardware Implementation and Evaluation of Robotic SPECT: Toward Molecular Imaging Onboard Radiation Therapy Machines
S. Yan*, J. Bowsher, M. Touch, L. Cheng, F. Yin
11:15 AM
Visualizing and Quantifying Radiation Therapy in Real-Time Using a Novel Beam Imaging Technique
C. Jenkins*, D. Naczynski, L. Xing
11:25 AM
Monte Carlo Based Design of Efficient Scintillating Fiber Dosimeters
A. Wiles*, D. Rangaraj, S. Loyalka, E. Izaguirre
11:35 AM
Direct Visualization and Monitoring of Medical Radiation Beams in Air
B. Fahimian, A. Ceballos, S. Türkcan, D. Kapp, G. Pratx*
11:45 AM
A Novel Volumetric Respiratory Surrogate Using Optical Surface Imaging
G. Li*, J. Wei, A. Rimner, J. Mechalakos
11:55 AM
Hyperthermia-Driven Immunotherapy Using Non-Invasive Radiowaves
R. Serda*, D. Savage, S. Corr, S. Curley
12:05 PM
Integrated CBCT and Optical Tomography System On-Board a Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)
K. Wang*, B. Zhang, S. Eslami, I. Iordachita, M. Patterson, J. Wong