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Program Information

  Imaging Scientific Session Tuesday
Multi-Energy CT 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 18A

Moderator 1: Sabee Molloi, University of California
Moderator 2: Shuai Leng, Mayo Clinic

4:30 PM
Preliminary Results of a Prototype Quality Control Process for Spectral CT
J. Nute*, M. Jacobsen, J. Pennington, A. Chandler, Y. Imai, C. Baiu, D. Cody
4:40 PM
Iterative Image-Domain Decomposition for Dual-Energy CT
T. Niu*, X. Dong, M. Petrongolo, L. Zhu
4:50 PM
Improving Tissue Segmentation for Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Using DECT Data
A. Di Salvio*, S. Bedwani, J. Carrier
5:00 PM
Use of An Image-Based Material-Decomposition Algorithm for Multi-Energy CT to Determine Basis Material Densities
Z. Li*, S. Leng, L. Yu, C. McCollough
5:10 PM
An X-Ray Fluorescence Technique for Energy Calibration of Photon-Counting Detectors
H. Ding*, H. Cho, W. Barber, J. Iwanczyk, S. Molloi
5:20 PM
Dual Energy CT Using One Full Scan and a Second Scan with Very Few Projections
T. Wang*, L. Zhu
5:30 PM
To Explore the More Realistic Energy Responses of the In-Depth Photon Counting Detectors
Y. Yao*, N. Pelc
5:40 PM
Effect of Quantum Detection Efficiency and Energy Bin Selection On Contrast-To-Noise-Ratio for Energy-Resolved Photon-Counting Detectors
A. Lam Ng*, H. Ding, H. Cho, S. Molloi
5:50 PM
CT Number Stability Across Patient Sizes Using Virtual-Monoenergetic Dual-Energy CT
G. Michalak*, J. Grimes, A. Halaweish, J. Fletcher, C. McCollough