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Program Information

  Therapy Scientific Session Monday
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: Ballroom E

Moderator 1: Todd Pawlicki, UC San Diego
Moderator 2: Eric Ford, University of Washington

4:30 PM
A Real-Time Virtual Delivery System for Photon Radiotherapy Delivery Monitoring
F. Shi*, X. Gu, Y. Graves, S. Jiang, X. Jia
4:40 PM
A Survey of IMRT QA Practices for More Than 800 Institutions
K. Pulliam*, J. Kerns, R. Howell, D. Followill, J. O'Daniel, S. Kry
4:50 PM
Automated Continuous Monitoring of Patient Setup with Second-Check Independent Image Registration
X. Jiang*, T. Fox, E. Schreibmann
5:00 PM
Automatic Verification of Daily Treatment Deliveries and Generation of Daily Treatment Reports for a MR Image-Guided Treatment Machine
D. Yang*, x. li, H. Li, H. Wooten, O. Green, V. Rodriguez, S. Mutic
5:10 PM
Clinical Process Improvement and Billing in Radiation Oncology: A Case Study of Applying FMEA for CPT Code 77336 (continuing Medical Physics Consultation)
S. Spirydovich*, M. Huq
5:20 PM
Metrics of Success: Measuring Participation and Attitudes Related to Near-Miss Incident Learning Systems
M. Nyflot*, A. Kusano, J. Zeng, J. Carlson, A. Novak, P. Sponseller, L. Jordan, G. Kane, E. Ford
5:30 PM
Risk Assessment of Surface Image Guided Stereotactic Radiosurgery
R. Manger*, A. Paxton, T. Pawlicki, G. Kim
5:40 PM
Taxonomy of Corrective Actions in Radiotherapy
S. Sutlief*, D. Brown
5:50 PM
Validating FMEA Against Incident Learning Data: A Study in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
F. Yang*, N. Cao, L. Young, J. Howard, P. Sponseller, W. Logan, T. Arbuckle, T. Korssjoen, J. Meyer, E. Ford