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Program Information

  Quantitative Imaging Scientific Session Tuesday
MR and Multimodality 10:15AM - 12:15PM  Room: 12A

Moderator 1: Robert Jeraj, University of Wisconsin
Moderator 2: Maryellen Giger, Univ Chicago

10:15 AM
Measurement of Skeletal Muscle Lipids in Type 2 Diabetes Using in Vivo Proton MR Spectroscopy
S. Valaparla*, G. Boone, E. Ripley, M. Abdul-Ghani, T. Duong, G. Clarke
10:25 AM
Development of a Multiparametric Statistical Response Map for Quantitative Imaging
R. Bosca*, A. Mahajan, V. Johnson, P. Brown, L. Dong, R. Stafford, E. Jackson
10:35 AM
Functional MRI of Esophageal Cancer: Repeatability and Inter-Observer Reproducibility of Geometrically Corrected ADC Maps
A. van Lier*, P. van Rossum, I. Lips, M. Philippens, G. Meijer, C. van den Berg, M. van Vulpen, J. Lagendijk
10:45 AM
Quantification of Hepatic Perfusion Maps From DCE MRI Using Spatial Regularization
H. Wang*, Y. Cao
10:55 AM
Repeatability Study of Reduced Field-Of-View Diffusion-Weighted MRI On Human Thyroid Gland
A. Shukla-Dave*, Y. Lu, V. Hatzoglou, S. Banerjee, H. Stambuk, A. Shankaranarayanan, Y. Mazaheri, J. Deasy
11:05 AM
Computerized Analysis of Diffusion-Weighted Images in Breast Cancer Diagnosis
T. White*, W. Weiss, M. Giger
11:15 AM
Characterization of Longitudinal Reproducibility of Quantitative Diffusion Imaging Data Acquired with Four Different Protocols Using a Phantom
X. Li, M. Buzzelli, W. Randazzo, N. Yanasak*
11:25 AM
Thermally-Stabilized Isotropic Diffusion Phantom for Multisite Assessment of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Reproducibilty
M. Boss*, T. Chenevert, J. Waterton, D. Morris, H. Ragheb, A. Jackson, N. deSouza, D. Collins, B. van Beers, P. Garteiser, S. Doblas, T. Persigehl, D. Hedderich, A. Martin, P. Mukherjee, K. Keenan, S. Russek, E. Jackson, G. Zahlmann
11:35 AM
Modeling Pathologic Response of Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer to Chemo-Radiotherapy Using Quantitative PET/CT Features, Clinical Parameters and Demographics
H. Zhang*, S. Tan, W. Chen, S. Kligerman, G. Kim, W. D'Souza, M. Suntharalingam, W. Lu
11:45 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING) - Correlating 4DCT-Ventilation with Clinical Pulmonary Function Test Data
Y. Vinogradskiy*, R. Castillo, E. Castillo, T. Guerrero, M. Miften, B. Kavanagh, M. Martel, L. Schubert
11:55 AM
Comparisons Between Cu-ATSM PET and DCE-CT Kinetic Parameters in Canine Sinonasal Tumors
M. La Fontaine*, T. Bradshaw, L. Kubicek, L. Forrest, R. Jeraj
12:05 PM
Differentiating Bone Lesions and Degenerative Joint Disease in NaF PET/CT Scans Using Machine Learning
T. Perk*, T. Bradshaw, E. Meyer, S. Muzahir, R. Jeraj