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Program Information

  Imaging Scientific Session Tuesday
Breast Imaging 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 18C

Moderator 1: Andrew Karellas, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Moderator 2: Ioannis Sechopoulos, Emory University

4:30 PM
Breast Tissue Decomposition Using Spectral CT After Distortion Correction
H. Ding*, B. Zhao, M. Klopfer, F. Masaki, P. Baturin, S. Molloi
4:40 PM
Increasing Amorphous Selenium Thickness in Direct Conversion Flat-Panel Imagers for Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Energy Breast Imaging
D. Scaduto*, Y. Hu, W. Zhao
4:50 PM
X-Ray Scatter Correction in Breast CT: Advances and Patient Testing
S. Ramamurthy*, I. Sechopoulos
5:00 PM
When Is the Pixel/voxel Size Sufficiently Fine for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) Virtual Clinical Trial (VCT) Studies: Lessons Learned From a Simulation Study
r. zeng*, S. Park, P. Bakic, K. Myers
5:10 PM
Evaluation of a Method to Calculate Patient-Oriented MGD Coefficients Using Estimates of Glandular Tissue Distribution
M. Porras-Chaverri*, P. Galavis, P. Bakic, J. Vetter
5:20 PM
Which Women Based On Clinical Benefits and Dose Should Be Considered For Breast Screening with Tomosynthesis?
C. Tromans*, R. Highnam, O. Morrish, R. Black, L. Tucker, F. Gilbert, M. Brady
5:30 PM
Hardware Advances for MTF Improvement in Dedicated Breast CT
P. Gazi*, G. Burkett, K. Yang, J. Boone
5:40 PM
Micro-Calcification Detectability Using Spectral Breast CT Based On a Si Strip Detector
H. Cho*, H. Ding, W. Barber, J. Iwanczyk, S. Molloi
5:50 PM
Mammogram Surveillance Using Texture Analysis for Breast Cancer Patients After Radiation Therapy
H. Kuo*, W. Tome', J. FOX, L. Hong, R. Yaparpalvi, K. Mehta, Y. Huang, W. Bodner, S. Kalnicki