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Program Information

  Therapy SNAP Oral Sunday
Brachytherapy Planning and Dose Calculation 4:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: 19A

Moderator 1: Firas Mourtada, Christiana Care Hospital
Moderator 2: Wayne Butler, Wheeling Hospital

4:00 PM
APBI Brachytherapy Treatment Planning: The Impact of Heterogeneous Dose Calculations
S. Loupot*, T. Han, M. Salehpour, K. Gifford
4:07 PM
Comparison of Absorbed Dose to Water Standards for HDR Ir-192 Brachytherapy Between the LCR, Brazil and NRC, Canada
C. Salata*, M. David, C. de Almeida, I. El Gamal, C. Cojocaru, E. Mainegra, M. McEwen
4:14 PM
Dosimetric Advantages in Critical Structure Dose Sparing by Using a Multichannel Cylinder in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy to Treat Vaginal Cuff Cancer
J. Syh*, J. Syh, B. Patel, J. Zhang, H. Wu, L. Rosen
4:21 PM
Dosimetric Evaluation of a Novel CT/MR Compatible Fletcher Applicator for Intracavitary Brachytherapy of the Cervix Uteri
K. Gifford*, T. Han, F. Mourtada, P. Eifel
4:28 PM
Experimental and Monte Carlo Characterization of the 1 Cm CivaString 103Pd Brachytherapy Source
J. Reed*, J. Reed, M. Rivard, J. Micka, W. Culberson, L. DeWerd
4:35 PM
Experimental Investigation of the Energy Dependence of TLD Sensitivity in Low-Energy Photon Beams
Z. Chen*, R. Nath
4:42 PM
Is a Day30 Scan Necessary to Evaluate Activity-Based Regulatory Compliance in Permanent Interstitial Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer?
P. Kapur*, J. Ford, D. Moghanaki, R. Datsang, M. Chang, M. Hagan, J. Palta, M. Rosu
4:49 PM
Optimal Time Release Schedule of In-Situ Drug Release During Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy
R. Cormack*, W. Ngwa, R. Kumar, S. Tangutoori, S. Sridhar, G. Makrigiorgos
4:56 PM
Propagation of Organ at Risk Contours for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Planning for Cervical Cancer: A Deformable Image Registration Comparison
M. Bellon*, A. Kumarasiri, J. Kim, M. Shah, M. Elshaikh, I. Chetty
5:03 PM
Recalculation and Reporting Clinical HDR 192-Ir Head and Neck Dose Distributions Using Model Based Dose Calculation
A. Carlsson Tedgren*, M. Persson, J. Nilsson
5:10 PM
Retrospective Evaluation of Thermal Coverage by Thermobrachytherapy Seed Arrangements of Clinical LDR Prostate Implants
G. Warrell*, D. Shvydka, C. Chen, E. Parsai
5:17 PM
Split-Ring Applicator with Interstitial Needle for Improved Volumetric Coverage in HDR Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer
T. Sherertz*, R. Ellis, V. Colussi, M. Mislmani, B. Traughber, K. Herrmann, T. Podder