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41st Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 25-29, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee

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Gaber, W PO-T-153
Gade, G PO-T-34
Gadepalli, K WIP- T-36
Gagne, G WIP- D-5
Gall, K PO-T-1 , TH-C2-3
Galvin, J PO-T-57 , TU-C2-4 , TU-E2-1 , WE-A1-1
Ganney, P TU-D2-9
Gargaro, V PO-D-21
Garvey, G TU-D1-7
Gary, A WE-C2-6
Gaston, R WIP- T-26
Gauntt, D TU-B5-1
Gearheart, D WIP- T-18 , WIP- T-14
Geis, P PO-T-48 , PO-T-95
Geise, R PO-T-229
Gejerman, M.D., G WIP- T-29
Geng, L PO-T-174 , PO-T-169
Gennaro, G PO-T-33
Gentry, J PA-T-64
George, M PO-D-15 , PO-D-18
Gerbi, B PO-T-229
Ghavidel, S PO-T-59 , PA-T-13 , WE-D1-10
Gibbons, J WE-D1-4 , TH-B1-1
Gideo-Addeo, D PO-T-39
Giger, M TU-C4-5 , TU-C4-2 , WE-C4-8
Giger1, M WE-C4-2
Gilbert, R PA-T-12
Gilblom, D PO-D-10
Gillies, R TU-E4-2
Gillin, M PO-T-130 , PO-T-124 , WE-E3-1 , TH-C4-4
Giraud, J PO-T-173 , PO-T-143
Girouard, L PO-T-192
Gladstone, D WE-D2-5
Glasgow, G PO-T-131 , PO-T-122 , WE-D1-8
Gliedman, P WIP- T-44
Goddu, S PO-T-51 , MO-E1-7
Goetsch, S PO-T-29 , MO-B1-1 , WIP- T-45
Goitein, M PO-T-23 , TU-C2-1 , TH-C2-9
González, A PO-T-166 , PO-T-194
Goodenough, D TU-C4-8 , WE-D3-7
Goodsitt, M WE-A6-1 , TH-C4-2
Gorman, J PO-T-151
Gould, R TU-D4-7
Gourtsoyiannis, N PO-D-17
Green, T PA-T-61
Greer, P PO-T-177 , WE-D4-1
Greskovich, J TH-C1-1
Gridley, D PO-T-20
Griep, C WE-C1-9
Grigereit, T PO-T-51
Grigsby, P WE-C2-3
Grimm, D PO-T-130 , PO-T-124 , TH-C4-4
Gross, P WE-D1-2
Grosser, K TU-E2-2
Grossman, C PO-T-11
Gu, J PO-T-158
Guinto, Jr., F WIP- D-1
Guo, C PO-T-32
Gupta, N WIP- T-9
Gurgoze, E WIP- T-47 , WIP- T-31