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41st Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 25-29, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee

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Haacke, E TH-C1-6
Hadjiiski, L TU-C4-1
Hadley, V WE-D2-5
Haering, P WIP- T-15
Hagness, C PA-T-46
Hahn, S TH-C4-9
Hajela, D PA-T-26
Hallahan, D PO-T-174 , PO-T-169
Halperin, R MO-E2-5
Halvorsen, P PO-T-155 , WIP- T-33
Hamilton, C PO-T-191 , PO-T-184
Hamper, U TH-C2-4 , TH-C2-5
Han, I PO-T-168
Hanks, G WE-C1-5
Hanley, J PA-T-26
Hanlon, A WE-C1-5
Hanson, W PO-T-145 , PO-T-195 , PO-T-196 , PO-T-172 , PO-T-179 , MO-A3-1 , PA-T-40 , PA-T-18
Happersett, L TU-C2-2
Haraldsson, P PA-T-41
Harkness, B MO-E4-6
Harms, W PO-T-51
Harris, I PO-T-172
Harrison, L PO-T-189 , PO-T-89 , TU-C1-7 , WIP- T-44
Hartov, A PO-T-30 , MO-E4-4
Hasson, B PO-T-11
Hausleiter, J TU-C1-3
Hayden, J MO-A5-1
Hayes, J WIP- T-40
Hearshen, D TU-D5-1 , WE-A5-1
Heaton, H TU-C3-3
Heaton, R WIP- T-41
Hebert, M PA-T-12 , PA-T-29
Hedican, S PO-T-100
Heijmen, B WE-C1-9
Helton, D PO-T-165
Helvie, M TU-C4-1
Hemler, P MO-E4-6
Henderson, C PO-T-26
Herbert, D PA-T-5 , WE-D4-3
Herbst, M WIP- T-49
Herman, M PA-T-46 , WE-A2-1 , WE-B2-1
Hersh, M TU-C4-9
Hevezi, J PO-T-61 , TU-D1-4
Hibbard, L WE-C4-9 , WIP- D-14
Hill, M WIP- T-25
Hill, R PO-T-48
Hinson, W PO-T-207 , PO-T-204
Ho, A PO-T-18
Hoban, P TU-C2-8
Hoekstra, C PO-T-84 , PO-T-85
Hoever, K WIP- T-15
Hoffmann, K WE-C4-6 , WE-C4-7
Hogstrom, K PO-T-111 , TU-A1-1 , TH-C2-11
Hokkanen, J PO-T-79 , TU-C1-10
Holburn, G PO-T-174 , PO-T-169
Holland, C WIP- D-10
Holland, M WE-A6-1
Holmes, T TH-C2-6
Holodny, A WE-C2-6
Holodny1, A WE-D3-5
Hong, L TH-C1-1
Hoogeman, M WE-C2-1
Hoopes, P WE-D2-5
Horsch, K WE-C4-2
Horsch1, K WE-C4-2
Horton, R WIP- D-3
Hossain, M PO-T-141 , PO-T-57 , PO-T-216
Hounsell, A TU-D2-1
Höver, K WE-B1-1
Howard, S PO-T-20
Hristov, D TU-C2-6 , PA-T-63 , PA-T-11
Hu, F PO-T-190
Hu, Y PO-T-176
Huang, X TH-C4-10
Hubner, K PO-T-22
Hung 1, D WE-D3-5
Hunt, M TU-C2-2
Huntzinger, C TU-C2-6
Huo1, Z WE-C4-2
Huq, M PO-T-141 , PO-T-141 , PO-T-144 , PO-T-57 , PO-T-216 , MO-A3-1
Hurlbut, C MO-E2-6
Huso, D PO-T-20
Hussey, D PA-T-48 , PA-T-33 , WIP- T-27