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41st Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 25-29, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee

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Tabata, T TH-C2-10
Tailor, R PO-T-172 , PO-T-195
Takahashi, K PO-T-120
Tao, L PO-T-6
Taschereau, R PO-T-93
Taylor, R WIP- T-37
Ten Haken, R TU-D1-5
Terry, J PO-D-3 , PA-T-39
Thavendrarajah, A PO-T-152 , WIP- T-9
Thierens, H TH-C1-5
Thomadsen, Ph.D, B PA-T-64
Thomas, C TU-C4-9
Thomas, E PO-T-226
Thomlinson, W TH-C4-10
Thompson, A PO-T-198 , PA-T-49
Thompson, C PA-T-59 , PA-T-58
Thompson, M PA-T-58
Thornton, K TU-C1-1
Ting, J PO-T-59 , PO-T-165 , PA-T-13 , WE-D1-10
Tisch, L PO-T-129
Tocharoenchai, C WE-D3-9
Todor, D WIP- T-34
Toledano, A TU-C4-4
Tome, W WIP- T-28
Tong, S WIP- T-39
Tourassi, G WE-C4-5
Trandem, K TH-C4-10
Trauthen, B WIP- T-25
Tremblay, D PO-T-127
Tsai, C PA-T-51
Tsai, J TU-D2-4
Tsao, H PO-T-89
Tsui, B WE-D3-9
Turnbull, K PO-T-171 , PO-T-2
Tuttle-Kuhm, J MO-E4-2
Tyburski, L WE-C2-5