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41st Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 25-29, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee

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Yaffe, M SU-C1-2 , WE-D5-1
Yan, D PO-T-160 , PO-T-60 , WE-C2-5 , WE-D2-3
Yang, C PO-D-11 , PO-D-16
Yang, C PO-T-121 , PA-T-15
Yang, G PO-T-81
Yang, L PO-D-7 , TU-C4-3
Yang, N PO-T-76 , PA-T-50
Yaparpalvi, R PO-T-128
Yarusso, L MO-D4-2 , TU-D4-5 , TU-D4-2
Ye, S WIP- T-4
Yenice, K PO-T-149
Yeo, I WIP- T-11
Yester, M WE-D3-8
Yeung, I WIP- T-39 , WIP- T-41
Yi, B PO-T-183 , PO-T-67 , WIP- T-30
Yi, T WIP- T-46
Yin, F PO-T-161 , PO-T-18
Yin, P WE-C2-3
Yodh, A TH-C4-9
Yorke, E PO-T-159
Yoshida, H PO-D-6 , WE-C4-3
Yoshizumi, T PO-D-23 , TH-C4-3
Yu, C PO-T-90 , WE-C2-4 , WIP- T-1 , TH-C2-6
Yu, C PO-T-199
Yu1, M PO-T-225
Yue, N PO-T-82 , PO-T-87 , PO-T-3 , TU-C1-2
Yuh, E WE-D2-4