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41st Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 25-29, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee

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Lachaine, M PO-T-38
Lachance, B PO-T-126 , PO-T-127
LaFrance, M PO-D-14
Lai, K TU-C1-1
Laissue, J TH-C4-10
Lalonde, R WE-D2-1 , TH-C1-3
Lamperti, P TU-E3-3
Lane, D WIP- D-14
Lane, T TU-C4-10
Lang, E WIP- D-3
Lange, G WE-C2-6
Larochelle, M PO-T-127
LaRose, D WE-D2-9
Larsen, E TU-D1-5
Larson, III, T WE-E5-2
Lattanzi, J WE-C1-5
Laub, W PO-T-107
Laughlin, J SU-C1-1
Laughter, J TU-D4-8
Laurie, F PO-T-129
Lauterbach, M WE-D1-3 , TH-C1-2
Leavitt, D WIP- T-40
Lebesque, J PO-T-160 , WE-C2-1
LeDuc, G TH-C4-10
Lee, C PO-T-95
Lee, D PO-T-77
Lee, E MO-E1-3
Lee, N PA-T-39 , PA-T-69
Lee, S WIP- T-37
Lee1, H WE-D3-5
Lehmann, J WE-D1-3 , TH-C1-2
Leibel, S TU-C2-2
Lemacks, M TU-D4-4 , WIP- D-6
Len, P WE-D2-7
Leong, L WIP- D-8
Lepage, M WIP- D-15
Leroy, E WE-D1-2
Leung, H PA-T-51
LeVan, P PO-D-28
Levegruen, S TU-E2-2
Levine, R PO-T-47 , PO-T-45 , PO-T-45
Levis, I WIP- D-7
Levy, J TU-C4-8
Lewis, C PO-T-214
Leybovich, L PO-T-122 , PO-T-70 , PO-T-131 , PO-T-97 , WE-D1-8
Li, A TU-C1-3
Li, A WIP- T-1
Li, J PO-T-163 , PO-T-46 , PO-T-162 , WIP- T-30
Li, J PO-T-113 , TU-D2-8 , TU-D1-1 , TU-D1-2
Li, Q TU-C4-6
Li, R PO-T-161
Li, S PO-T-77 , TH-C2-5 , TH-C2-4
Li, X PO-T-90 , TH-C2-7 , TH-C2-6
Li, Y WE-C4-1
Li, Z PO-T-105 , PO-T-106 , TU-C1-8
Liao, R WIP- T-37
Libby, B PO-T-52 , PO-T-115 , PO-T-193
Lief, E PA-T-26
Lief, J PO-T-102 , PO-T-99 , PA-T-27
Lieto, R TH-A6-1
Lightfoot, D PO-T-154
Lightstone, A PO-T-36 , PA-T-8
Lii, J PO-T-142
Lii, M PO-T-140
Lim, A WIP- D-2
Lin, L PO-T-136 , PA-T-52 , PA-T-34
Lin, P TU-D4-1
Lindfors, K MO-D4-1
Ling, C PO-T-92 , PO-T-98 , TU-C2-2
Linthout, N PO-T-58 , PO-T-35
Lipoti, J SU-B1-1
Liu, C PO-T-73 , PO-T-68 , TU-C1-8 , WIP- T-42 , WIP- T-19
Liu, H PO-T-142 , PO-T-119 , WIP- T-32
Liu, L WIP- T-40
Liu, W WE-C2-6 , WE-D3-5
Liu, X TU-D4-4 , TU-D4-3 , WIP- D-6
Liu, Y PO-D-9 , WE-D3-10
Liu 1, W WE-D3-5
Llacer, J TU-C2-3
Lliso, F PO-T-194 , PO-T-211 , PO-T-166 , PO-T-213
Lluch, J PO-T-213 , PO-T-211
Lo, Y PO-T-123
Lo, Y PO-T-45 , PO-T-47
Lobdell, J PO-T-88
Lockman, D WE-C2-5
Lomarev, M PO-D-15 , PO-D-18
Lomax, A TU-C2-1 , WE-C1-1
Lombriser, N WE-C1-1
Lopez, F PO-T-124 , PO-T-130 , TH-C4-4
Lorberbaum, J PO-D-18
Low, D PO-T-51 , MO-B2-1 , MO-E2-5 , MO-E2-4 , MO-E1-7 , TU-C2-10 , TU-D2-5 , WE-D1-7 , TH-C1-6
Lowenstein, J PO-T-179 , PO-T-172 , PO-T-145
Loyd, M PO-T-132
Lu, Z WE-D3-3
Lujan, A TU-D1-5
Lukens, J PO-T-34
Luo, L PA-T-55
Luth, D TU-D4-7
Lutz, W PO-T-123
Luxton, G PO-T-113 , PO-T-199