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Report No. 023 - Total Skin Electron Therapy: Technique and Dosimetry (1987)

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This report describes the techniques and dosimetry for Total Skin Electron Therapy (TSET) at energies of about 3-7 MeV at the patient and 4-10 MeV at the accelerator beam-exit window. The irradiation beam requirements are identified on the basis of clinical needs for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, a chronic progressive lymphoma, most often treated with TSET. It is usually called mycosis fungoides, but is sometimes denoted as Sezary syndrome. This therapy is also identified in the literature by combinations of words in part abstracted from TSET together with additions such as: whole body or whole skin, superficial irradiation, or electron beam. The title Total Skin Electron Ream Therapy (TSEBT) is such an example.

ISBN: 978-0-883185-49-0

Keywords: Total Skin, Electron Beam, Mycosis Fungoides, Radiation Therapy, Superficial Irradiation
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #30 [Print Edition no longer available]

C. J. Karzmark, Joseph Anderson, Alfonso Buffa, Peter Fessenden, Faiz Khan, Goran Svensson, Kenneth Wright, Peter Almond, Benedick Fraass, Kenneth Hogstrom, Robert Loevinger, Robert Morton, Bernice Palos, Peter Biggs, Edgar Dally, Stan Johnsen, Pat Johnson, Mark Kao, Ravi Nath, Craig Nunan, Ervin Podgorsak, Chester Reft

Committee Responsible: Radiation Dosimetry & Treatment Planning Subcommittee

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