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Report No. 334 - AAPM Task Group 334: A guidance document to using radiotherapy immobilization devices and accessories in an MR environment (2024)

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Use of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in radiation therapy has increased substantially in recent years as more radiotherapy centers are having MR simulators installed, requesting more time on clinical diagnostic MR systems, or even treating with combination MR linear accelerator (MR-linac) systems. With this increased use, to ensure the most accurate integration of images into radiotherapy (RT), RT immobilization devices and accessories must be able to be used safely in the MR environment and produce minimal perturbations. The determination of the safety profile and considerations often falls to the medical physicist or other support staff members who at a minimum should be a Level 2 personnel as per the ACR. The purpose of this guidance document will be to help guide the user in making determinations on MR Safety labeling (i.e., MR Safe, Conditional, or Unsafe) including standard testing, and verification of image quality, when using RT immobilization devices and accessories in an MR environment.

Medical Physics

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Keywords: immobilization devices, magnetic resonance, MR Safety, rediotherapy
Task Group No. 334 - A Guidance document to using Radiotherapy Immobilization Devices and Accessories in an MR Environment (TG334)

Maritza A. Hobson, Yanle Hu, Barrett S. Caldwell, Gil'ad N. Cohen, Carri K. Glide-Hurst, Long Huang, Paul Jackson, Sunyoung Jang, Ulrich Langner, Hannah J. Lee, Ives R. Levesque, Sreeram Narayanan, Justin Chunjoo Park, John Steffen, Qingrong Jackie Wu, Yong Zhou

Committee Responsible: Vendor Relations and Product Usability Subcommittee

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