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AAPM Reports - Specification and Acceptance Testing of Computed Tomography Scanners
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Report No. 039 - Specification and Acceptance Testing of Computed Tomography Scanners (1993)

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The Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner Task Group was formed to provide a reference document of suggested procedures for acceptance testing of CT systems for clinical medical physicists. The AAPM first addressed performance testing of CT systems with the publication of AAPM Report No. 1, “Phantoms for Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance of CT Scanners”. Since publication of Report No. 1 in 1977, CT system designs have evolved and research has improved our understanding of principles and limitations of CT systems. These changes in technology and our understanding of them prompted the formation of this task group. This report is intended to be a source of acceptance testing procedures, as well as an educational tool for those medical physicists whose primary responsibilities lie in areas other than diagnostic imaging. In addition to acceptance testing procedures, the related issues of specification writing and radiation shielding design are also discussed.

ISBN: 978-1-563962-30-1

Keywords: Computed Tomography, Spatial Resolution, Dose, Noise, Bid Specification
Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Committee Task Group #2

Pei-Jan Paul Lin, Thomas J. Beck, Caridad Borras, Gerald Cohen, Robert A. Jucius, Robert J. Kriz, Edward L. Nickoloff, Lawrence N. Rothenberg, Keith J. Strauss, Theodore Villafana, Robert K. Cacak, Joel E. Gray, Thomas N. Hangartner, R. Edward Hendrick, Raymond P. Rossi

Committee Responsible: Computed Tomography Subcommittee

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