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Report No. 045 - Management of Radiation Oncology Patients with Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers (1994)

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Contemporary cardiac pacemakers can fail from radiation damage at doses as low as 10 gray and can exhibit functional changes at doses as low as 2 gray. A review and discussion of this potential problem is presented and a protocol is offered that suggests that radiation therapy patients with implanted pacemakers be planned so as to limit accumulated dose to the pacemaker to 2 gray. Although certain levels and types of electromagnetic interference can cause pacemaker malfunction, there is evidence that this is not a serious problem around most contemporary radiation therapy equipment.

ISBN: 978-1-563963-80-3

Keywords: Radiation Oncology, Pacemakers, Treatment Protocol, Complications
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #34

J. R. Marbach, M. R. Sontag, J. Van Dyk, A. B. Wolbarst

Committee Responsible: Treatment Delivery Subcommittee

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